If you watched "Star Wars" as religiously as I did as a child, you've probably always imagined yourself as one of the series' classic characters. Disney knows how meaningful these characters are to fans, and their newest makeover experience — for boys and girls — is a big move toward inclusivity.

Both girls AND boys ages 3 to 12 can now become Princess Leia at the Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique.  

Princess Leia is known for being fearless and going against the grain, and who said only girls can portray a powerful female character? Princess Leia is so fierce, it makes sense that any child would want to look like her.

Kids of all genders (and adults, too!) can also dress up as Kylo Ren, an X-Wing pilot, or Rey at the boutique, too, according to the Disney Parks Blog

Disney is slowly redefining what the idea of a "princess" is, even recently debuting a princess who is a boy on the TV show "Star vs. the Forces of Evil."

In the episode, Marco Diaz goes undercover as a princess, but the villain reveals that he's actually a boy. Instead of ostracizing him, the other princesses exclaim that boys can be princesses, too! 

The only downside is that the makeover is only offered on the Disney Fantasy cruise for the "Star Wars" Day at Sea experience from January to April 2018.  

If you're not into the makeovers, it also carries four "Star Wars" T-shirts to choose from. 

Visit Disney Parks blog for more information and reserve your spot at Disney Cruise before your trip!