It's almost officially fall, so that means it's about that time of year to curl up with a pumpkin spice latte from Starbucks and watch Disney movie marathons. 

Artist Ursula Doughty took that vibe to the next level by reimagining the recognizable Starbucks logo using a slew of Disney characters and sharing the results on Instagram. If Starbucks and Disney ever intended on collaborating, they should definitely hit this artist up for her creative logo creations. 

Some other great Disney fan art includes a Stranger Things and Disney character mash-up, Disney princesses on Tarot cards, and Disney characters imagined into classic paintings. 

Be careful, Starbucks mermaid: Ursula might try to steal your espresso shot. 

Ursula the sea witch tricked Ariel into giving up her voice in exchange for legs; who knows what she'd trick the Starbucks logo mermaid into giving her. The original logo was inspired by the mythological nautical character, a siren. But because of her double tail, some claim that it's actually based on a medieval Italian character, the Norse. 

Of course, the iconic Mickey Mouse was included in this round-up of characters. 

After shuffling through various villains, princes, and princesses, the artist imagined the mouse himself as the Starbucks logo. "Walt Disney meets Starbucks coffee," writes Doughty in her Instagram caption. The popular series garnered thousands of likes on the Instagram artist's account. 

The Disney Princesses looked so cute replaced on the label. 

The artist suggested that a Disney princess coffee would be a light roast "that's soft, mellow, and flavorful." Each of the princesses also has a symbol or their sidekick in the logo. Rapunzel has her kingdom Corona's sun symbol, Ariel's logo features Sebastian the crab, and Mulan's trusty guardian dragon, Mushu, makes an appearance. 

A Beauty and the Beast series features all of the classic characters. 

All of the castle baubles and knick-knacks, like Mrs. Potts, Lumiere, and Cogsworth, have been re-created by the artist. "Love them all!!" one fan commented on the series of photos. All of Doughty's artworks were hand-drawn with markers that blend seamlessly. 

Who wouldn't want to see all of the Disney villains re-created on a Starbucks cup. 

Every holiday season, Starbucks changes up their logo to fit the season, or sometimes as an act of political or environmental activism. These designs wouldn't be quite as serious, but would be a fun addition to their lineup. That is, if Disney ever collaborated with the coffee company. One fan joked in the comments that the Lion King villain's cup could be renamed "Scarbucks? Scarbucks." 

The artist did another series with villains like The Evil Queen, Hades, and Jafar. 

The artist found a green blending pen from Arteza Art Supplies that matched the Starbucks logo's recognizable shade. The art supplies account was very supportive of Doughty's drawings, and commented, "Our favorite villains on one of our favorite coffee spots — what more could we ask for?"

These three villains rounded up the evil characters series that the artist created. 

All of the Toy Story characters have enough energy that they wouldn't need any coffee … except maybe Forky. 

Forky was a spork puppet created by Woody and Buzz's new owner Bonnie and didn't want to be a toy; instead, he thought he was a piece of trash. Of all of the characters from Toy Story, the existentialist Forky would be the first to order a coffee black. But if the rest of the toy characters could drink it, I doubt they'd even care for it. The artist shared that this was her favorite Pixar film; she wrote in her caption, "My favorite coffee meets my favorite Walt Disney Pixar movie!" 

The Genie and Iago are featured on this logo re-creation. 

Aladdin's Genie, voiced by Robin Williams, appears to be emerging from the magic lamp in this logo. But Jafar's trusty companion, the parrot Iago, is spying on the magical being. The artist imagined that the Genie's coffee would be called "Blue Genie Mocha Frappuccino Blended Coffee." 

Carl from Up needs a coffee to keep up with Wilderness Explorer Russell. 

The grumpy old man from Up just wanted to perch his house at his dream location near Paradise Falls in South America to fulfill the dreams he shared with his late wife, Ellie. Chaos ensues when a young boy scout, Russell, accidentally comes along for the ride. The two meet up with Kevin, a rare exotic bird, who is featured on the artist's logo with Carl aka Mr. Fredricksen.