As everyone starts working from home and participating in online classes, video calls become the new normal. I think it's about time we zhuzh up our backgrounds. 

Most people are taking calls from living rooms, kitchens, home offices, or even their beds, but what if you could pretend to be in a Disney princess's palace. Disney just provided images of iconic locations, like Belle's library or Rapunzel's view of the lanterns on the lake, that are the perfect size for a Zoom background. 

If we are going to be stuck in quarantine, we might as well make the most of it and this is a great way to do so.

Disney provided perfectly sized images for your next Zoom call.

Zoom has an option to provide a green screen–like background, and many have taken advantage of the feature to hide their messy bedrooms and kitchens. Now you can opt for a Disney princess background, thanks to a Disney Princess Facebook page. Plus, the page provided step-by-step instructions on how to download and apply the image to your next call.

There are more than 15 images to choose from, so you can do a different one every day.

Fool your coworkers into thinking you live in a Disney palace. The Disney Princess Facebook page explained how to download and apply the image in a comment on the post. The post reads:

"How to download backgrounds via mobile:

1) Find image you would like to download

2) Click *view full size* under the Disney Princess header

3) Use your finger to *hold down image*

4) Select *add to photos*"

"How to download background via desktop:

1) Find image you would like to download

2) Select *options* in bottom right hand corner

3) Select *download*"


Make your background the Sultan's palace in Agrabah from Aladdin. For extra points, sit on a rug and pretend you're flying in on a magic carpet. This is for true Disney fans only.

The Little Mermaid

Eric and Ariel's castle was first revealed in The Little Mermaid 2, and it was as extravagant as you'd imagine. The entire place was covered by a dam that kept out the ocean waters. Now you can imagine yourself in the gorgeous sunset landscape while getting work done at home.

Beauty and the Beast

If you don't have a vast library of books like Belle in the Beast's castle, now you can pretend. This image features the gorgeous library the Beast gifts to Belle once his heart starts to warm toward her.

The Princess and the Frog

We can't go outside, but you can pretend you're in Tiana and Naveen's romantic New Orleans swamp. The two enchanted frogs can be seen on a rock in the righthand corner of the screen. These wallpapers are perfectly sized for your face to fit alongside the Disney landscape.


Rapunzel and Eugene Fitzherbert floated out on a canoe in this romantic landscape featuring the lanterns. This gorgeous background is calming, and just what you need for a stressful day.


Pocahontas and her father gaze out at the river bend in this stunning image. The post reads "Make your next video call background whatever ~you~ would like with even more Disney Princess backgrounds to choose from! Which one will you pick?"