Disney is under fire for refusing to allow a 3-year-old boy to partake in the "Princess for a Day" experience at one of its parks.

Parenting blogger Hayley McLean-Glass tried to schedule a "Princess for a Day" experience for her "Frozen"-obsessed son, Noah, to surprise him on their upcoming trip to Disneyland Paris. 

Shockingly, the mother was told by the company that it was "not possible to book princess for a day for a boy" at this time. 

Upset that her son was denied a princess experience based on his gender, McLean-Glass took to Instagram to voice her frustration.

This is Noah," she began her post. "My middle of 3 sons. My other two sons are about as sterotypically boyish as you can be but Noah? He loves Princesses, especially Elsa. He knows every single word to 'Let It Go' and most other 'Frozen' songs."

She continued, "We're going to Disneyland Paris in November and I tried to book him in for the Princess For A Day experience as I knew he'd absolutely love it. But Disney replied to tell me he can't have it....because he's a boy."

She called out Disney for blatant discrimination.

"I am FURIOUS," she wrote. "Not just for Noah, but for ALL little boys who Disney won't allow to indulge their love of Princesses."

The mother reminded Disney that inclusivity was always part of its original mission.

"Walt Disney himself said 'If you can dream it you can do it,'" McLean-Glass noted. "Apparently this doesn't apply to little boys who dare to want to be Princesses at Disneyland Paris."

"These are children enjoying dress up....that's all," she concluded. "What on earth can be wrong with that?!"

Her followers immediately expressed outrage over Disney's decision to exclude her son.

3-year-old boy denied "Princess for a Day" experience at Disneyland Paris
photo: Instagram
Little boy denied "Princess for a Day" experience at Disneyland Paris
photo: Instagram
Little boy denied "Princess for a Day" experience at Disneyland
photo: Instagram
Disney denied a little boy from its "Princess for a Day experience
photo: Instagram

Refusing to stay silent, McLean-Glass took her story to a local UK news station.

“I was so angry, I literally couldn’t stop shaking for half an hour afterwards – I was just so shocked,” she told ITV. “I mean, I'm his mother, and if I’m okay with him doing it, who are Disney to tell me that he can’t do that?”

She added, “I just think that it’s unfair. I mean if there was an activity such as a pirate dress up or a Spider-Man event, little girls would be allowed to do it. If anyone told a little girl that she couldn’t do that there would be absolute uproar. But I just don’t understand why it’s different for a boy.”

Disney has since apologized to McLean-Glass and her son, promising its policies have been updated to promote inclusivity.

“An isolated incident, the cast member’s response is not reflective of any policy or belief held here at Disneyland Paris,” a spokesperson told ITV in a statement, adding that its “Princess for the Day” package is available to all children ages 3-to-12. 

“Diversity is near and dear to our hearts and we want to make sure that all our guests enjoy their experience at our resort," the company insisted. "We are going to ensure this does not happen again." 

Good job, mama.

Way to stand up for your little princess.