Ariel Funko Pop! figurine
photo: Funko

With the hype around The Little Mermaid at an all-time high and the movie's 30th anniversary coming up, the pop culture figurine brand Funko has created an exclusive line of toys based on the 1989 animated film. There's tons of other merchandise based on the movie for fans who just can't wait for the live-action remake. 

The brand has released plenty of pop culture-themed dolls such as the characters from Stranger Things, Marvel films, and even Gilmore Girls. The mermaid movie collection is coming out July 26, but is available for pre-order for $11 on Amazon, so nab one before they sell out. 

The new figurines of the couple feature Eric holding his spyglass and Ariel in her big-reveal ensemble. 

Ahead of the film's 30th anniversary, Funko shared images of its new collection. When Ariel and Eric finally get together at the end of the movie she steps out of the ocean in this slinky silver number. Some fans asked for a Pops! doll of Eric's butler and confidant Grimsby who helps him throughout the movie.

"Can we please make a grimsby pop figure from the little mermaid," one person commented on Instagram. 

All of the new characters are from the 1989 original, including a frightened Sebastian and Chef Louis. 

Funko shared this video showing off all of the new figurines. "Here's a closer look at our new Pops! of The Little Mermaid! Which one is your favorite? #LittleMermaid," the caption reads. 

Of course, Ariel and Eric are featured, but there are also Chef Louis, Scuttle, and Ursula with her minions Flotsam and Jetsam. 

Ursula holds onto her "poopsies," Flotsam and Jetsam. 

Funko shared this shot of Ursula looking devilish among glowing lights. "Fortunately I know a little magic. #TheLittleMermaid #Ursula#DisneyVillains," the caption referenced her musical number "Poor Unfortunate Souls." The villain holds onto her electric eel minions, who help her scout out Ariel as her next victim. 

Of course, Scuttle is holding a "dinglehopper," better known in the human world as a fork. 

"Whoa, what a swim! What's your favorite summer activity? #TheLittleMermaid #LittleMermaid," Funko captioned this shot of the seagull toy near the water. Scuttle helps Ariel discover aspects of the surface world that fascinate her, and acquires secret treasures like this dinglehopper, otherwise known as a fork, which one can use to eat with or comb through one's hair. 

This set is available for $30 at Target starting August 2. 

Funko Pop! "Little Mermaid" collection
photo: Funko

This idyllic scene from "Kiss the Girl" features Eric and Ariel getting so close to breaking Ariel's spell with a kiss. Flounder and the rest of their fish friends set the mood with a fountain of water exploding around them, while Sebastian provides the pipes. 

An entire Disney Princess set is available now at Target. 

Disney Princess collection Funko
photo: Funko

Funko Disney: POP! Princess Collectors Set; Ariel, Belle, Cinderella, and Rapunzel ($38, Target)

The Disney Princesses dressed in their best ballgowns make a great collector's item. Ariel's pink dinner dress is one of the few costumes she adorns throughout the movie. The other princesses included in the set are Belle, Cinderella, and Rapunzel. 

More Funko Pop! Little Mermaid accessories area available including a lunch box, backpack, and a disheveled figurine of Ariel. 

"Available now: The Little Mermaid BoxLunch exclusive Funko Pop! & Loungefly accessories!" Funko's Twitter account shared. The collectible doll features an unkempt Ariel in her makeshift dress shortly after acquiring legs and losing her voice. There's also a keychain, lunch box, and backpack with scenes from the animated classic printed across the front.