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It's a question dear Rory Gilmore probably asked herself a thousand times in her youth: If Lorelai, Luke and the rest of the characters from "Gilmore Girls" got sent to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, which houses would they all end up in? 

Well, never fear, Rory, because Victoria McNally (Ravenclaw) and Shaunna Murphy (Slytherin) are on the case! 

In anticipation of both Netflix's upcoming "Gilmore Girls" series and the recent wave of "Harry Potter" excitement brought on by "The Cursed Child" and "Fantastic Beasts," we've sorted everybody from Stars Hollow into Gryffindor, Ravenclaw, Slytherin and Hufflepuff. 

Not that we, you know, agreed with one another on our picks. Here's what we think:

Rory Gilmore

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Victoria: "She’s my girl. She’s a Ravenclaw."

Shaunna: "Something about her and the way she presents herself just screams Gryffindor to me."

Victoria: "Do you think she’s like a Hermione Gryffindor?"

Shaunna: "Exactly, she’s so Hermione! She’s so loud about how much she loves reading and school stuff and doing the right thing. I think Ravenclaws are more chill about their interests."

Victoria: "I don’t know, I’m not a very chill Ravenclaw!"

Lorelei Gilmore

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Victoria: "I think she’s way more a Gryffindor than Rory is."

Shaunna: I don’t know what it is about Lorelai but she’s such a chill laidback lady that wants to have pie and desert and coffee, and I just think she’d fit in well in Hufflepuff."

Victoria: "I do agree, she’s a hard worker, but she has a very specific sense of what is right and when she’s been wronged, especially with her parents. She takes very specific stances on things."

Richard Gilmore

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Victoria: “I kinda want to go Hufflepuff, but I could see Ravenclaw too.”

Shaunna: “Ravenclaw. Every time you see him at the house, he’s nose-deep in a newspaper. He’s very interested in the world around him, more so than interacting with other people.”

Emily Gilmore

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Shaunna: “The thing with "Gilmore Girls" is there’s so many one percenters, and pretty much all of them would go in Slytherin.

Victoria: “Emily is very manipulative and concerned with appearances, and those are probably the most negative aspects of being a Slytherin. There are a lot of different ways to be a Slytherin, hers is just the worst way."

Shaunna: “I’m personally offended.”

Luke Danes

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Shaunna: “Oh god, he doesn’t want to go to Hogwarts!”

Victoria: “He seems like the type that skimmed ‘Harry Potter’ and thinks, ‘Gryffindors are the good guys, I’m going to be Gryffindor.’”

Shaunna: “Luke probably hasn’t read ‘Harry Potter,’ but I do think he’d be in Gryffindor. He does have a really strong sense of right and wrong. “

Christopher Hayden

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Shaunna: “I think he’s a Hufflepuff because Chris is a man who was born into the world without a clear path. He likes to have fun and likes his motorcycle. He’s a very jovial guy. If he’d never abandoned Rory, he’d be a likable person, he just did that one terrible thing.”

Victoria: “Obviously Hufflepuffs are capable of making mistakes, but I don’t feel him betraying Lorelai tracks with that. I might just go Gryffindor. Ron Weasley has had similar issues, so I could see that for him.”

Max Medina

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Victoria: "I'm going Ravenclaw, but I don't really like it. He's kind of whiny."

Shaunna: "He’s on a teacher’s salary surrounded by one-percenters every day."

Victoria: "True. If I saw him in the common room I guess I could deal with it."  

Dean Forester

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Shaunna: "Dean is my mortal nemesis. I wish nothing good on that 6 foot 5 hunk of garbage.  He didn’t get into Hogwarts. He’s gonna live a magic-less, meatloaf-less life."


Jess Mariano

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Victoria: "Gryffindor. He’s a mixed up kid, but he has a bit of a bro code of his own.

Shaunna: "I’m gonna put him in Ravenclaw. I feel like this is so cliché but everybody that loves books gets thrown into Ravenclaw for me. That’s the one defining trait of Ravenclaw house. […] I see Gryffindors as people who take other peoples’ battles on as their own and are sort of social justice crusaders. I don’t see Jess really being bothered with any of that. And I see Gryffindor being the most greek fratty kind of house and I don’t see Jess caring about that."

Victoria: "That’s sort of what interests me about the idea of him being in Gryffindor, because he’d hate it, and I like that. I don’t know why, I just like seeing that boy suffer."

Paris Gellar: Slytherin

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Victoria: "100% Slytherin. I could see a little bit of Gryffindor in her as well, just because she’s very ambitious and cunning but she also tends to be very blunt and powers through for what she wants. She’s very go-getting."

Shaunna: "Her dictatorship over the Yale daily news was not her finest moment but she always really cared about Rory."

Victoria: "Slytherins are loyal, but only to specific people. Paris very much embodies that. If you touch her people, she will murder you."

Shaunna: "Or her newspaper."

Logan Huntsberger

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Victoria: "I also wanna throw Ravenclaw in there. He’s the only one who I think is on both. He’s smart and educated and knowledgeable, but he is very ambitious.

Shaunna: "I just put him in Slytherin because I would like to sleep with him, and we’ll have a better chance of getting to know each other if he’s in my house."

Victoria: "Honestly that might be part of it for me."

Shaunna: "They put all the blond rich kids in Slytherin."

Sookie St. James

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Shaunna: "Gryffindor. She’s loyal, she’s a great best friend, she cares about the world around her. I don’t know, she’s just a lovely person."

Victoria: "That’s why I think of her as Hufflepuff, though! She’s such a sweet person and she’s so loyal to her friends, and she works really hard for the restaurant making the best food ever."

Shaunna: "The best food that she never really eats."

Victoria: "Yeah, that’s a shame. She’s basically like a house elf, actually. Someone give her socks."

Lane Park

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Victoria: "Definitely Hufflepuff. She’s super loyal but really into expressing herself."

Shaunna: "Lane’s a sidekick, and any sidekick whose name isn’t Weasley ends up in Hufflepuff.

Michel Gerard

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Victoria: "I think Huffflepuff might just be my base for everyone in Stars Hollow, because they’re all so adorable and hardworking and quirky. I feel like he’s the mean, angry kind of Hufflepuff. He doesn’t like being around other people but he’s still really loyal to them.

Shaunna: "I just don’t see Michel caring about Hogwarts. I think he’d want to go to Beauxbatons. It’s more glamorous. But I guess he’d be in Hufflepuff."

Taylor Doose

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Victoria: "I think of him as a Slughorn type of Slytherin. He’s really ambitious and particular and that’s a Slytherin trait."

Shaunna: "I’d put him in Ravenclaw. He’s obsessed with Stars Hollow history, that’s all he talks about. He’s just that kind of nerdy guy. I would also argue he’s not really that ambitious — he was born into this Stars Hollow whole family and stayed there his whole life."

Kirk Gleason

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Victoria: "He is the Hufflepuff. He's the sweetest most adorable dorky baby and he just wants to do a good job!"

Shaunna: "He doesn't!"

Victoria: "Well, nobody ever said Hufflepuffs were good at working hard."


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