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Holy moly, a "Golden Girls"-themed café is opening in New York City and we could not be more excited.

Named Rue la Rue, the eatery's owner, Michael J. LaRue, was the best friend of the late Rue McClanahan, who played Blanche in the TV series. When she died in 2010, Rue bequeathed to LaRue (get the name now?) her personal belongings and show business memorabilia, which he says the café will be decorated with. Serving soups, wraps, salads, desserts, baked treats, and wine, it will also feature a piano for live music, DNAinfo reports. Located in Washington Heights, Rue la Rue will open its doors in September. 

Though LaRue's café may be the only "Golden Girls" establishment we've heard of, plenty of other themed restaurants and bars have opened their doors in homage to iconic TV shows and films. Here are 7 other places we're dying to take our fandoms to new, delicious levels. 


Bar Luce in Milan feels eerily like the Grand Budapest Hotel, and for good reason — it was designed by Wes Anderson.

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Fit for a Royal Tenenbaum, eating at Bar Luce is like stepping into one of the director's meticulously color-coded films. There’s even a Steve Zissou–themed pinball machine and perfectly pastel jukebox. 


You can grab a cup o' joe at Central Perk in Beijing.

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The café constantly plays episodes of "Friends," which you can watch while sitting on a replica of that famous orange couch. Or head next door and play foosball in their exact model of Joey and Chandler's apartment. 


While in Switzerland, fans of the "Aliens" franchise simply *must* get a drink at Giger Bar.

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Designed by the Swiss artist and "Aliens" special effects team member H.R. Giger, this bar serves up some inhumanly good cocktails. 


Join the Mad Hatter's tea party at Japan's Alice In a Labyrinth.

Playing card tables and a giant tea cup make this spot a particularly whimsical ode to Alice. 


Head over to the Hobbit Pub in Southampton, England, for some Shire-approved libations.

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The British pub, which has been serving "Lord Of the Rings"-themed drinks for 20 years, was once the subject of a copyright controversy — until Sir Ian McKellen and Stephen Fry stepped in on its behalf. Thanks to them, it's still open every night of the week, and features an expansive beer garden and live music to boot. 


If you're a "Doctor Who" nerd, The Way Station in Brooklyn is your haven.

Featuring a full size Tardis (and loads of live music), "Doctor Who" fans flock to this venue for weekly screenings of the series. 


Or travel to Singapore to eat at the world's first "Orange Is the New Black"-themed restaurant, a questionable idea all around.

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Taking fandom two steps too far is the OverEasy diner, which has been transformed into a Litchfield Penitentiary Cafeteria replica with "gourmet prison food" served on plastic trays. Seriously.