Hocus Pocus Halloween
photo: Disney

It's not even October yet, and all anybody can talk about is Halloween. And with good reason: It's the best holiday of the year. You get to dress up in a cool costume, eat candy, drink, roll around in leaves, drink pumpkin spice lattes, wear black all the time and get all pumped about skeletons without anybody thinking you're too much of a weirdo — and best of all, it's not super cold and freezing yet so you can actually go outside without putting on eight layers of clothing! 

Naturally, a lot of TV shows and movies have celebrated the spooky season, and we relate to every single one of them so freakin' hard — especially these awesome moments:


When the temperature drops below 75 degrees for the first time and you can feel the Halloween a'comin'.

photo: Columbia Pictures

But it's still September and you're trying to keep all your Halloween feelings inside.

photo: The Weinstein Company

Then October 1 hits and you can finally break out your seasonal decorations:

photo: ABC

And you decorate your place so thoroughly that people assume that you must own stock in Spirit Halloween:

photo: The CW

When you start to eat, sleep and breathe pumpkin spice:

photo: NBC

When you try to put together a Halloween playlist and you realize there aren't that many songs so you end up with some SUPER weird tracks on there:

photo: NBC

When you try to find a costume that's not ridiculously sexy and... can't:


When you lean in and pick the most ridiculous sexy costume you can find:

photo: ABC

When the costume you want is too expensive but you buy it anyway:

photo: NBC

When you DIY your own costume:

photo: Cartoon Network

When you DIY your own costume but you don't give yourself enough prep time:

photo: FOX

When you have a great couple costume idea and your SO doesn't want to join in:

photo: ABC

When your SO actually DOES want to do a couple costume and the two of you rule the night:

photo: ABC

Then when you finally get into costume and you're a little TOO in-character:

photo: FOX

And you think your costume looks fly but no one can tell what you're supposed to be:

photo: Disney

So you have to keep explaining your costume over and over again like a dork:

photo: NBC

But by the end of the night you've got your explanation down to a science:

photo: NBC

When you see an adorable child out trick-or-treating:

photo: Universal Pictures

When you see an un-adorable teenager vandalizing stuff:

photo: NBC

When you're chatting up a cutie at a Halloween party and you're trying to seal the deal:

photo: Disney

But you can't because you're WAY too drunk for that sort of thing, so you just act like an idiot instead:

photo: FXX

Except then you definitely regret it the next day:

photo: Universal Pictures

When November 1st rolls around and Halloween is finally over:

photo: Disney

But then you realize that another holiday is on the way to get excited about:

photo: NBC