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As much as us theater nerds refuse to admit otherwise, it's very rare that the Tony Awards get the same attention as the Oscars, the Emmys or any other televised awards ceremony. However, it's also just as rare that a Broadway musical is able to capture the entire collective imagination of the American public all at once — and "Hamilton," the hip-hop inspired show about the life of founding father Alexander Hamilton, is certainly that musical.

The show won 11 of the 16 awards it was nominated for Sunday night (June 12), and while it didn't break the record for most wins that "The Producers" first set in 2001, it definitely set out hearts aflame (every part aflame, this is not a game) even more than it already has. Plus, wins for two "Hamilton" cast members led to a major Tony Awards milestone:  For the first time in the show's history, all four musical acting awards were awarded to people of color.

Here were the best moments during the Tony Awards when "Hamilton" didn't throw away its shot:


When the Carpool Karaoke squad had a repeat performance.

Lin-Manuel and James Corden dropped some sweet "Hamilton" lines together earlier in the week for "The Late Late Show," but it was so satisfying to see them do it again.

When James Corden acknowledged the real reason we're all here.

photo: Tonight’s show will not be all about Hamilton. There will also be some commercial break. Think of t

"Tonight’s show will not be all about 'Hamilton,'" he joked. "There will also be some commercial breaks. Think of tonight as the Oscars, but with diversity!"


When the First Family gave Lin-Manuel Miranda a shout out.

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Remember when Lin-Manuel Miranda performed the beginning of "Hamilton" at a White House poetry slam? "We were all laughing, but who's laughing now?" said Barack Obama.

"America is what 'We The People' make of it," Michelle added. "As long as we stay like our country, young, scrappy and hungry."


When Cordon got to live out his "Hamilton" fantasies by putting himself into the musical's opening number.

Well, all his musical fantasies, really, but he started with "Hamilton" like we all would. 


When Daveed Diggs, Christopher Jackson, and Jonathan Groff were all nominated for the same dang Best Actor in a Featured Role in a Musical award.

Diggs eventually won it, and his acceptance speech, in which he told a story about his parents performing a gymnastic routine in elementary school with him, was just adorable. "I cannot thank you all enough. This is so crazy."


When the cast of "Hamilton" performed a song from "Rent."

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Oh god, all my Broadway dreams are coming true!


When James Corden discovered Leslie Odom Jr. and Daveed Digg's secret life as "Law & Order" featured actors.

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Every single actor on Broadway has been on one "Law and Order" or another. It's a rite of theatrical passage, right up there with getting your equity card and becoming a waitress on the side to make ends meet. 


When Renee Elise Goldberry made us cry with her acceptance speech.

This musical has been "one once in a lifetime moment after another," she tearfully told the crowd in her acceptance speech for Best Actress in a Featured Role in a Musical. "When one of us [in "Hamilton"] wins, we all win because we are one."


When Leslie Odom Jr. won the Tony and Lin-Manuel made this face.

HE'S JUST SO PROUD OF HIS FRIEND. And Odom was just as lovely back to him, telling him from up on stage while accepting the award for Best Actor in a Lead Role in a Musical, "You’ve given us a new vision of what’s possible. I thank God for your mission. I thank God for the calling of your life."


When Barbara Streisand picked the best outfit to give the Best Musical award to Hamilton.

One can only imagine what she would have worn if "Waitress" was the biggest contender. 


When "Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt" star Titus Andromedon leaked his audition tape.

Of course, we all know Titus didn't get cast because he “can’t rap or walk quickly in a circle.” 


When the Tony Awards lovingly ripped off #Ham4Ham in the best way possible.

All night, performers from the Tony Awards — including "Phantom Of The Opera" and "School Of Rock" composer Andrew Lloyd Weber, with a tambourine — stepped outside the Beacon Theater to serenade audiences who couldn't attend the actual event. 


When the "Hamilton" cast prepped for their performance in 360 degrees.

It didn't happen during the awards exactly, but this video "Hamilton" did for CBS's Facebook deserves to be on this list because it will absolutely give you chills.


When Lin-Manuel Miranda dedicated his speech to love.

Miranda chose not to rap his Best Score acceptance speech like he did with 2008's "In The Heights" — instead, he wrote a sonnet that alluded to the Orlando shooting victims. "love is love is love is love is love, and love cannot be killed or swept aside," he said. "Now fill the world with music, love and pride."


When the "Hamilton" cast finally performed...

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BRB, sobbing over the line "Who lives, who dies, who tells your story."


And did it entirely without the use of guns.

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Given that this song is a recreation of the Battle of Yorktown, the patriots are supposed to have muskets — but they nixed the physical props as a tribute to the Orlando shooting victims and pantomimed them instead.


And finally, when they ended the ceremony by rocking out to "The Schuyler Sisters."

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Work, work.