photo: The WB

After the clock struck midnight and it was the year 2000, a new onslaught of hot guys came into play. Emo was the music we dove into, and the WB (later the CW) held a lot of our hormones on its nightly roster of programming. There were plenty of '00s crushes to go around, and this list is just a reminder of them. Hot guys from the '00s who stole our hearts then, and perhaps, still have a piece all these years later.

John Krasinski

photo: NBC
It was clear when The Office started that John Krasinski was bae. Then the whole storyline with Pam set in, and we were head over heels for a paper salesman from a town called Scranton. Today we can't get over his body transformation, as he's stepped into movies and a six-pack.

Ryan Seacrest

photo: Fox
Can we all admit that looking back, Ryan Seacrest was not the greatest-looking dude? He rocked any and all bad hairstyles one could have in the early '00s on American Idol. Much like a fine wine, he's gotten better with age.

Nick Cannon

From Drumline to marrying Mariah Carey at the end of the '00s, Nick Cannon was someone many had their eye on. While he's lost the wife, he's still remained as handsome as ever.

Ryan Cabrera

We all were like, "OMG, who dat?" when he popped up on Ashlee Simpson's reality show. We even sang along to the couple of hits he had, but then we forgot about him.

Adam Brody

photo: Fox
Better known as Seth Cohen of The OC, Adam Brody was every girl's dream come true back in the day. That mop of curls, those puppy dog eyes? I mean, come on! Then the show ended, and Brody kind of disappeared, but he recently found himself married to a Gossip Girl and became a dad.

Chad Michael Murray

photo: The WB
One Tree Hill and A Cinderella Story would not have been the same without Chad Michael Murray's smoldering good looks. Now his smolder has turned into a hot dad, DILF look.

Pete Wentz

photo: Island
That guyliner and those skinny jeans of Pete Wentz's caused damn hysteria when he and Fall Out Boy hit the mainstream. While he and the band are still together and trucking along, he's traded some of his staples for more "dad at the farmers’ market" wear.

Hayden Christensen

Hayden Christensen became a household name when he played Anakin Skywalker in Star Wars. Of course, he played the man that'd eventually be Darth Vader, and much like Vader, this dude is super exclusive. We rarely see his face anymore — which is a shame because he was fine as hell.

What Hayden Christensen was to Star Wars, Orlando Bloom was to the Lord of the Rings franchise. A hot AF dude who became a staple in Tiger Beat–style mags all over the world. In recent years, he is more natural than blonde (and elfish), but he's still tight with his LOTR family.

Bow Wow

Remember when you thought you were hard listening to Bow Wow? You were all about this kid then, but you just knew he was about to get that much hotter as you both got older and he became Shad Moss.

Tom Welling

photo: The WB
As far as you were concerned then and now, Tom Welling is the only Superman. He kind of had a dry spell after Smallville. Which was fine. That show lasted a decade. He deserved a break, but most recently went back to work on Lucifer.

Brendon Urie

Then: a hottie in a top hat. Now: a hottie in Kinky Boots. Panic! At The Disco's Brendon Urie has been nonstop in the looks (and talent) department since he came into view. He's played around the world and even starred on Broadway.

Rob Kardashian

photo: E!
Some watched Keeping Up with the Kardashians for the fashion, some for the drama. You? For Rob. Now you probably don't watch because Rob's distanced himself from the family...

Tyson Ritter

Those piercing blue eyes and that voice were more than enough to make you plaster All American Reject posters all over your walls. Especially any and all that featured Tyson Ritter well. The good news is that he's still crushable, only in a more dirty hipster way.

Ashton Kutcher

photo: Fox
That '70s Show started in the late '90s, so by the '00s, we were already in love with Ashton Kutcher, but it had evolved thanks to his ridiculous movies and those trucker hats on Punk'd. Now he's making more moves in real life than onscreen as a humanitarian, father, and Mila Kunis' husband.

Gerard Way

You scared your mother when you declared you were marrying My Chemical Romance's Gerard Way. That's a fact. Today your mom would be surprised to know that guy is a loving husband and father, and has taken his career more behind the scenes.

Josh Hartnett

I always tripped on people who loved Josh Hartnett. I couldn't see it, but to each their own.

Milo Ventimiglia

photo: The WB
From Gilmore Girls to This Is Us, those who loved Milo Ventimiglia back then are really happy to see that their man did not let them down.