Joyce Byers "Stranger Things"
photo: Netflix

Ever want to live in your favorite TV shows? Thanks to IKEA that has now become a possibility. 

The furniture giant released room inspiration by recreating three iconic TV living rooms. The orange couch from The Simpsons plus that green telephone are available on its site. Try to transform your apartment into Monica and Rachel's from Friends with almost perfectly replicated furniture. 

Finally, live out your strangest Stranger Things dreams in a perfectly cluttered and nostalgic '80s living room straight out of the show, just in time for the third season. There's already plenty of makeup and clothing merchandise based on the series, but this is the first furniture-themed collection. 

The United Arab Emirates IKEA created a "Real-Life" series, replicating famous TV show living rooms. 

The furniture Twitter account shared this image of its "Room for families." 

The account tweeted to its followers, "We brought one of the most iconic living rooms to life using our products. Can you guess which family lives here?" Of course multiple people responded with the correct response: The Simpsons. 

The room was inspired by the famous animated family. 

Ikea Real Life Series "The Simpsons" living room
photo: IKEA

IKEA shared on its site that this room is meant to be fun and colorful. A statement sharing ideas for the room reads, "Combine new colourful and playful patterns and brighten-up your living room with your functional and favourite IKEA furniture pieces." All of the pieces in the image are from the furniture store's vast catalogue of products. 

The recreation was done to near perfection. 

The Simpsons Living room
photo: Fox

The iconic orange couch and pink walls of the dysfunctional family of five were both present in the recreation. Not to mention the round rug and purple side table. Die-hard Simpsons fans could watch TV and eat a strawberry-frosted donut just like Homer in this living room replica. 

This impossibly huge New York City apartment is unmistakable. 

Ikea "Friends" Living room real-life series
photo: IKEA

The real-life interpretation of the famous sitcom living room is appropriately titled, "Rooms for mates." Fans of Friends will immediately recognize the purple walls and plush couches and the dark wood dresser. The site shared another suggestion for this inspired room, "Mix and match styles, throw some color in and build a comfy, flexible, friend-magnet living room to enjoy with your favourite people in the world."

Monica and Rachel's iconic apartment was featured in nearly every episode of the '90s sitcom. 

The IKEA version of the Friends inspired room was a tad more polished than its predecessor, but they got all of the elements down perfectly. Imagine setting up your own New York City apartment just as the gang in the show did. Of course, it's highly unlikely you have as much space as these two did.

The painted alphabet on this wall is an immediate tell for this show. 

IKEA real-life series "Stranger Things" room
photo: IKEA

In IKEA's "Room for everyone," it's clear that inspiration was drawn from the Netflix series Stranger Things. The string lights and nostalgic '80s furniture are all complete. A statement on the site about this room reads, "Every living room tells a story of the family who lives there. And this one is not afraid to tell it out loud. So let your furniture do the talking." Hopefully it won't be the lights doing the talking this time. 

Initially a creepy vision in the show, the letters and lights on the wall are still a clear sign of the fan-favorite show. 

Stranger Things living room
photo: Netflix

Joyce Byers sets up the lights and letters to communicate with her lost son, Will, who is stuck in another dimension. The show's monster is able to also communicate through the lights and causes a frightening display once Joyce sets up the living room. Regardless of the creepy intent, the room is now one of the most recognizable rooms in television.