There are a number of topics that we can discuss when it comes to Kim Kardashian. However, many, including me, tend to focus our conversations on one thing: her rear end. But guess what, everyone? Kardashian isn't a fan. But let's be frank, if you post photos of your butt on the internet, the assumption is that you want people to talk about said body part, especially when you're being questioned for undergoing plastic surgery. 

Now don't get it twisted; my days in no way consist of thinking of ways to talk about the alleged injections that sit inside Kardashian's backside, but I'm not opposed to speaking about it if the opportunity presents itself. So here are my issues: First, her thighs don't match, just like the rest of the Kardashian/Jenner clan. The shots/implants/whatever foreign substance has found itself into her body looks completely disproportionate. 

Disclaimer: What a woman does with her body is not my business, nor should she be shamed for it, but Kardashian has built her entire success and existence on the backs (no pun intended) and physical appearance of black women. So if I want to share my thoughts on her poor attempt at having a body resembling women like me, I'll do just that.

And though Kardashian couldn't probably care less about my opinion, maybe she actually does. Kardashian is speaking out about everyone who has something to say about her butt, and I guess she's not too here for it.