Kylie Jenner went viral on Twitter, but not for her cosmetics or skin care line. The billionaire was trending because of a moment in her office tour video on YouTube when she sang her 1-year-old daughter a song. 

The internet took hold of the clip and turned it into hilarious memes. Even celebrities like Ariana Grande and Miley Cyrus got in on the fun. But Jenner, always the businesswoman, had other ideas for the meme — merchandise. 

Now, there are two hoodie sweatshirts available on The Kylie Jenner Shop one day after the meme blew up. 

By now, I'm sure you've heard and seen all of these Kylie Jenner memes. 

Miley Cyrus shared a hilarious version of the clip that edited Jenner onto The Voice stage when Cyrus was one of the judges. Jenner sings her now-iconic "Rise and Shine" diddy and all of the judges hit the buzzer signaling they want her on their team. Jenner also shared the video, along with a few other of her favorites on her Twitter feed. 

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Taking full advantage of the momentum from the meme, Jenner got to work right away and created a hoodie to sell on her website. The black sweatshirt features Jenner's face in a sun with the words "Rise" and "Shine" running down either sleeve. When Kylie shared the news that she was selling merch based on the meme people had mixed responses. 

"A business woman we stan," one person tweeted. But another made fun of the look and sarcastically wrote, "Graphic design is my passion."

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The simple design is a part of the meme aesthetic, but some think it just looks thrown together. Either way, it's clear that Jenner's mind immediately went to monetizing when the meme grew in popularity. The mogul has an eye for marketing just like the rest of her famous family. 

James Charles, who famously monetized off of his own embarrassing meme moment, approved of the business decision.

"Kris deserves an award for this," the YouTuber replied to Jenner's tweet. It's a running joke that Kris Jenner is the mastermind behind her five daughters' success, and it's not completely untrue. The momager probably helped Kylie get these products out as quickly as possible, so that they didn't miss the moment. 

Charles' embarrassing Flashback Mary meme made him a profit as he featured it in a YouTube video, on merchandise, and turned it around to be a moment of success. 

Jenner was never embarrassed of her song; in fact, she seemed totally proud of it and the remixes that followed, but she followed suit and quickly marketed the meme. We kind of stan too.