Your ’90s fever dreams have come true: Lisa Frank has partnered with and Barsala in Los Angeles to create a hotel room themed after the beloved design company, and it looks exactly like what you'd think — it's maybe even more bonkers than your wildest childhood imagination. This hotel room contains the full suite (not sweet — yep, I had to do it) of Lisa Frank–style rainbows, unicorns, dolphins (more on that below), kittens, underwater coral reefs, and more hearts than a box of Valentine's Day candy. Every Lisa Frank character you love and remember from your school stationery is in this room.

The best part of the Lisa Frank hotel room? You can book a stay in the room right now — the details are below.

Entertain your guests among ballerina triplet rabbits and rainbow curtains — AHHH!!!

I MEANNNN. COME ON. The rug has RAINBOW HEARTS all over it. The wall looks like a Lisa Frank folder from school that the student in front of you owned, and you felt that twinge of jealousy every time they pulled it out of their backpack. Even the lamp shade is iridescent. But most important, the Lisa Frank–printed throw pillows on the couch are the ultimate dream come true. I want 15 of them on my IKEA loveseat immediately!

The kitchen itself is one entire rainbow.

Everything is a rainbow! Everything! Even the cooking towels are arranged in rainbow order on the oven. There's animal-print cabinets, a bright purple tea kettle, a teal espresso machine, and, in case you need a little afternoon sugar rush, the kitchen is stocked with enough candy to eat in a lifetime. I'm getting cavities just looking at it.

The bathroom is OUT OF CONTROL.

In this bathroom, you'll be singing "Under the Sea" from The Little Mermaid while you shower with cute fish and sea coral. There's even a stash of rubber duckies to play with while you draw yourself a luxurious Lisa Frank bubble bath. But the best part?


I am SCREAMING AT THE TOP OF MY LUNGS. It's a Lisa Frank dolphin holding TP out for you, like the very sweet dolphin that it is. This is so precious. I truly can't. Maybe I'll never find this at Home Depot, but somehow, just knowing that it exists is enough for my tween soul.

Here are the deets if you want to tuck yourself into rainbow dreams.

The Lisa Frank Flat hotel room is at the Barsala in Los Angeles. Guests can book here at, but act quickly — the room will only be available for stays from October 11 through October 27. Rates start from $199.