Lizzo is a freaking superstar, and we know so because of her many talents. From her being able to sing her face off to her flute-playing skills to her rapping to her ability to twerk and snatch your wig off at the same time — there's little that Lizzo can't do. As she gains more mainstream popularity and more people fall in love with her body positive and generally feel-good movement, we just need to establish here and now that another of Lizzo's underrated talents is that she's absolutely hilarious. In no particular order, check out 12 times that Lizzo had no right to be this dang funny in the roundup ahead.

There is no more hilarious twerk teacher than Lizzo. 

I fully went into this video thinking that it would be a 101 lesson for people who do not know how to twerk, and thus, I would not be able to relate. 

BUT IT'S LIZZO. Of course, she drops some pretty hilarious and relatable twerk knowledge that I couldn't help but giggle over. 

The best part about this video is the tip she offers to people who feel like they don't have enough booty to twerk. 

Lizzo posted this just in case you were wondering about her photogenic side.

The right side isn't her best side. The left side isn't her best side. It's not the front and it's not the back. Lizzo's a baddie from all angles, babe! 


Lizzo: I celebrate Mother's Day with an elf ear and a clapback.

Ha. Yes, you saw that right. Lizzo indeed has an elf ear. For whatever reason, she wants us to know that you can't just say anything about her mom when you're speaking into it. I suggest you heed the memo. 

So... I have no idea why Lizzo decided to make the male member a language, but like... I'm not contesting it?

The male member officially has its own language. Lizzo said so. This video clip comes from Lizzo's first acting gig, which was The New Negroes on Comedy Central. Leave it to Lizzo to make a penis joke via a song that we just have to laugh at even when we aren't sure why we're laughing. Also, let's hear it for more comedy work from Lizzo, too, for obvious reasons.

Never forget that Lizzo wore her Met Gala coat all through the airport because of course she did.

Lizzo came through Met Gala 2019 dripping pink, from her hair to her feet to the feathers of her Marc Jacobs coat. The dramatic outerwear looked so bomb that Lizzo just had to wear it the next day and all the way through airport check-in, security, and on the plane. We certainly aspire to be that level of extra. The coat truly was fire enough to never want to take off.

In case you haven't seen it yet or even thought about it, Lizzo gave us a reminder to go see Toy Story 4

"The toys in Andy’s room once his [redacted] [redacted] finally decides to leave," she captioned this video. LMBO, oh, just imagine an actual Lizzo doll popping up in Toy Story 4 that just can't stop sticking her middle finger up? 

Anywho, it's unclear how Lizzo even thought of this, and that's exactly why we stan everything about her. She's as random and weird and humorous as we are.

And about that time Lizzo twerked in a fast-food joint just because.

Lizzo's always twerking just because. This time, she opted to do so in the middle of a Jack In The Box restaurant while an actual cashier came back and forth to the register. She had someone else film the golden moment. The person even caught Lizzo on the security cameras. Carefree Lizzo is our favorite Lizzo.

Don't forget her faux Real Housewives of Atlanta tagline. 

Yup! Lizzo is 100% that [redacted] as described in her "Truth Hurts" song. It's what she'd use if she were part of the Real Housewives of Atlanta cast and had to come up with a tagline for the opening credits. What can we say? It's certainly better than the glue to my lacefront tag that Nene Leakes opted for. 

There was no funnier Lizzo moment than when she 100% schooled a talk show host about the history of twerking. 


For once, someone schooled the newcomers to the fact that twerking is not new and it's not a trend. Twerking is as old as black folks' existence, and Lizzo made sure to let a television host know when they tried to paint it as anything otherwise. 

"I know I'm funny but I'm dead [redacted] serious! Some people really think twerking 'came out' in 2013. I've been twerkin' since I was 14/15 at the Z in Funplex to DJ Jubilee and I been twerkin' on stage since my first solo song 'W.E.R.K.' in 2011. Twerking been *it*. Hip winin' and booty shaking is derivative and indirectly linked to African, Caribbean, and Afro-Latino dances that have been going on for thousands of years!" 

Amen and amen.

Now is anyone ready for a "Lizzo always on beat" challenge?

Is Lizzo dancing to the Rocky song? Yes. Actually, yes, she is. She just wants the world to know that it's entirely possible to dance in a reflective windbreaker suit and have it work for any song you put on. I fully support this message. 

She also had the most enticing voting video in 2018.

It's not even time to vote yet and suddenly I want to vote. Does great booty-shaking make anyone else want to just get up and vote? Actually, I need Lizzo to help get us back to the polls in 2020. Voting and twerking have never been more imperative than they will be in 2020. 

Ursalizzo has some tea to spill about Ariel's charming beau, Eric. 

LMBO. Why is Lizzo like this?! This video is wildly inappropriate and perfect all at the same time. From the dramatic Ursula makeup to her shedding light on what's really been going on between Ursula, Eric, and Ariel this whole time. When Lizzo gets back from Eric's house, we're going to need her to spill the beans on exactly what makes this Eric guy such an ocean chick magnet.