photo: Twitter

In just 11 days (January 20), the largest free nation in the world will have Donald J. Trump as our commander in chief, and the reality of it is sinking in — one tweet at a time. Not only has our president elect dabbled in petty squabbles with other celebrities, he couldn't even wish the world a happy New Year without throwing some shade.

But thanks to this horrendous tweet and one Twitter user's astute observation, we were all treated to something the world didn't know we needed...

...Mark Hamill, aka LUKE FUCKING SKYWALKER, bringing Trump's tweets to life in the voice of The Joker from "Batman: The Animated Series." Listen for yourself:


If you're wondering if Hamill himself is worried about right-wing backlash, he definitely isn't.

If DJT is in fact secretly The Joker, this is pretty much all of us:

photo: Giphy