Miley Cyrus is being dragged by the internet because it's Wednesday. Oftentimes, she deserves to be roasted for her shenanigans, but this time it's literally for the sickest reason ever. And by sick, I do mean disgusting and truly inhumane. 

Apparently, a ton of Cyrus' fans are pissed off about her including a plus-size woman in the music video for her new song called "Mother's Daughter." The singer posted a teaser photo from the video of the plus-size woman lounging in a chair and the comments were beyond brutal. 

This is the photo that has some Miley Cyrus fans up in arms in the biggest display of fatphobia ever. 

The model pictured here is Angelina Duplisea. Cyrus posted a statement from Duplisea to go along with the photo. Her note details her experience with bullying and fat-shaming. 

"I've always been a fighter. Maybe not always in the most productive way, but fighting for myself, a friend or even for a stranger who is being bullied has always been a part of my personality. Fat acceptance is based on the notion that all fat people, regardless of health, deserve respect. And it's a battle that is fought every day by thousands, including myself," Duplisea wrote.

"Social media's accessibility allows us to peek in on others living their lives, but too often the conversation turns negative when there are fat bodies involved," Duplisea continued.

"People just love to leave awful comments on fat folks photos in order to feel superior and I promise you, not one of these commenters actually cares about the health, family, environment or whatever [redacted] reason they give for their vile behavior towards a fat person. And really, how in the [redacted] does health matter in the context of someone just posting a photo of themselves feeling happy and confident? (HINT: it doesn't matter, stop pretending like it does) Next time you see a fat person posting pictures of themselves living their life, stop and ask yourself why you wish to spoil their joy. I guarantee that you can't come up with a valid reason that isn't based in your own ego gratification. Stop it and do better! We humans have a lot to learn, but we can start by fighting our personal biases and permitting people of all genders, races, sexualities, sizes, abilities and health levels to live harassment-free lives. Don't [redacted] with their freedom to feel happy and beautiful right now, not just when society says it's OK."

Unfortunately, way too many people skipped over her message altogether and did the EXACT opposite of what she implored critics to do. They took to Cyrus' comments section to fat-shame the model and blast Cyrus for uplifting her.

One person equated Cyrus' posting the photo of Duplisea to promoting cigarettes. "This is like promoting cigarettes," the critic wrote. "I’m sorry but obesity is not a body type to be celebrated. It kills people every day. It’s sad. YES, be kind and respectful to people of all sizes and shapes, but don’t glamorize obesity (as well as anorexia, drug abuse, tobacco use, mental health issues, suicide, and other unhealthy behaviors). No, I’m not a doctor. No, I don’t hate fat people. No, I don’t think I’m better than anyone. I don’t want to hurt anybody’s feelings, but this is a fact proven by medical professionals: obesity causes cancer. obesity kills."

Freaking OUCH. 

Another person questioned why plus-size people should even be respected.

"Here’s the thing. They ask to be respected yet they don’t respect their own bodies. Riddle me that," the critic wrote. 

Wow. The fatphobia is so strong and disgusting. What we are not going to do is decide that a person is not worthy of basic respect and human kindness just because they are considered fat. That's what we're not going to promote. This thinking is terrible and honestly dangerous. No one should ever subject a plus-size person to comments like this. You deserve respect no matter what size you are, and you deserve to DEMAND it.

Meanwhile, another critic decided to just drop some statistics about obesity and how much plus-size people are "costing" the world. Yuck. 

"Obesity is one of the biggest drivers of preventable chronic diseases and healthcare costs in the United States," the person commented. "Currently, estimates for these costs range from $147 billion to nearly $210 billion per year.1 In addition, obesity is associated with job absenteeism, costing approximately $4.3 billion annually and with lower productivity while at work, costing employers $506 per obese worker per year."

Sigh. Why is our world so TRASH?! 

Thankfully, there were a few people who offered a rebuttal to the ignorant fat-shaming statements made against the model. 

The person pointed out that being skinny is not a measure of health.

"JUST BECAUSE [SOMEONE] ISNT A SIZE TWO DOESNT MEAN THEY AREN'T HEALTHY," someone iterated. "Being healthy means you take care of you[r] mental health, do things that make your body feel good, [and] have a somewhat balanced diet. Being 'healthy' isn't being skinny." 

Another supporter urged everyone to show love and kindness to people no matter their size.

"Why can’t we just appreciate people for who they are? How does someone’s appearance tell us if they’re a good person? At the end of the day, everyone deserves to feel happy and loved," she wrote. 

Amen to that. At the end of the day, shaming a person for how they look is what's really unhealthy. That's not empowering or uplifting — it's bullying. 

Plus-size people deserve respect, visibility, love, kindness, and everything else good. That's just that.