Ms. Monopoly board game players
photo: Hasbro

The iconic Monopoly board game has been given a feminist update that is so necessary for kids who grow up playing it.. 

Hasbro's original version of the game's mascot was an old mustached white man named Mr. Monopoly; now the new mascot is "his niece, Ms. Monopoly." Instead of investing in properties, players will now invest in famous inventions created by brilliant women.

This game will open up the conversation from a young age about the wage gap and how to overcome gender disparity in the workplace. Plus, it provides young girls with another role model. 

The new mascot for Monopoly is Mr. Monopoly's niece, an investor and businesswoman. 

Hasbro shared an image of the new mascot for its feminist version of the iconic game. "MEET MS. MONOPOLY! Mr. Monopoly's niece, a self-made investment guru, is here to celebrate women trailblazers and update a few things. It’s about time! Check out Stories to learn more," the caption reads. 

Hasbro announced the game with a video that empowered young women inventors. 

Hasbro has donated thousands of dollars to girls around the world who are devoting their time to STEAM and inventing. The game brand tweeted the video that announced the drop of the new version of the game. Instead of investing in properties like the original, players can invest in women-created inventions like the bulletproof vest, chocolate chip cookies, wifi, and retractable dog leashes. 

Some of the new additions to the game include women-empowering tools that I wish existed IRL. 

One of the most controversial new elements of the game is that women get a higher payout at the start, and they get more money for passing "Go" to symbolize the wage gap. Move around the board using a token that symbolizes Ms. Monopoly. Instead of the classic silver or black top hat, Ms. Monopoly's hat is white, the color of the women's suffrage movement. 

Other than the economic boost to women, the rules of the game are pretty much the same as its predecessor. 

Ms. Monopoly board game
photo: Hasbro

Another addition to the classic game is that players can build business headquarters to make even more rent. Plus, the utilities that players can purchase are also specific to those created by women, like solar heating. Overall, the game shines a light on the important contributions women have made to society, and pays them extra for it. The extra money at the beginning and while passing "Go" will be a way to spark conversation about wage inequality from a young age. 

Ms. Monopoly Board Game, $20

Ms. Monopoly board game
photo: Hasbro

The board game is selling out quickly, but would make a great present to any young woman. Its catchphrase, "The First Game Where Women Make More Than Men," is again a reference to wage inequality. While it may seem silly for a board game to try to combat this issue, it's about raising awareness and helping people understand more about women in the workplace. 

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