New Motorola Razr smart flip phone
photo: Motorola

Those who remember the first wave of cell phones will no doubt remember the iconic Motorola Razr flip phone. Now it has returned and gotten a major upgrade.

The cell phone of late millennials' youth brings with it a wave of nostalgia as we remember icons like Paris Hilton and Lindsay Lohan who snapped their pink phones shut with a sass we all tried to re-create. 

In this age of nostalgia culture, so many great pop culture moments are making a comeback, including Disney reboots. Finally, the tech world is jumping in on the trend too. Nostalgia will cost you, though. The new flip phone, which is also a smartphone with all of the bells and whistles of a 2020 device, will set you back $1,500. 

Our early '00s hearts are screaming. The Razr is back and better than ever. 

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It’s here #razr #feeltheflip

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The internet is going wild for the new version of the Razr flip phone. The new version of the old-school phone has a 16 MP camera, 5 MP front-facing camera, 128 GB storage, and a fingerprint scanner to unlock. To celebrate the launch on November 13, Motorola posted a grid on its Instagram with various videos of the new device. "It's here," the account captioned. 

Who remembers that satisfying snap? 

Some are reminiscing on their fond memories of the snap of the flip phone. One person replied to Motorola's announcement video with their own hilarious meme. "Yes! I can finally end my calls like this," they wrote with a video of a few brazen snaps. 

Paris Hilton will always love her original pink Razr. 

The socialite was notable for having her pink Razr strapped to her at all times. Now, 15 years later, the iconic device is making a comeback. I think the heiress is celebrating. 

Maybe it will have the old set of nostalgic ringtones.

People are also feeling nostalgic for their old ringtones and the various colors, specifically the Paris Hilton pink. "Please tell me it says HELLO, MOTO," one person tweeted. Another replied, "Hopefully it has the old set of ringtones." 

In a press release, Motorola described the new phone as, "Instantly familiar, yet totally unique... the newly-designed Razr fuses the ultra-compact and unique flip phone design you know and love with modern technology."

So far it is only being sold through Verizon and costs $1,500. 

The price is on par with smartphones, but you're mostly paying for the nostalgia factor, as most of the phone's specs don't compare to similar products, according to T3. Preorder sales begin on December 26 and the phone officially hits shelves in January 2020. It will also be available on Motorola's website