The Peloton woman has officially traded in her bike seat for a bar stool. 

Peloton, a stationary bicycle and luxury workout equipment brand, recently released an ad that had the entire internet uncomfortable. The sexist and dystopian-feeling commercial left viewers in awe at the tone-deaf commentary of the ad, titled "The Gift That Gives Back." 

A woman's husband gifts her the Peloton bike for Christmas and she vlogs her experience working out for a year. At the end of the commercial, she shows her husband gratitude for giving her the bike and says that it has totally changed her. Meanwhile, her fit figure is completely unchanged from the beginning of the ad. 

Many are calling out the sexist nature of the ad because it seems as if she was forced into working out just for the pleasure of her husband and the title of the ad makes it all the worse. But there's a silver lining. 

The actor who played the "Peloton woman" recently starred in a totally different ad that seemingly made fun of the sexist commercial. Ryan Reynolds' gin company, Aviation American Gin, hired the actor, Monica Ruiz, to play a woman at a bar who's looking forward to "new beginnings" with her friends.

The original Peloton ad has been called out for being sexist countless times. 

The Peloton woman, Grace From Boston, has a pained look on her face and expresses nervousness for using the bike. Then, at the end of the commercial, she and her husband watch a video of her progress that feels totally creepy and manipulative, as if the husband wanted to make sure she was using the gift. 

Ryan Reynolds' gin brand quickly capitalized on the popularity of the Peloton ad with a totally different tone for Aviation American Gin. 

The same actor stars as a woman, who is assumed to be Grace From Boston aka the Peloton woman. Her friends are offering her support and cocktails at a bar, and they cheers to "new beginnings." Then at the very end of the commercial, one friend says, "You look great, by the way!" 

Monica Ruiz shared the commercial and wanted her followers to make light of the whole situation. 

Ryan Reynolds, who is notorious for his social media sense of humor, shared the ad and captioned the video, "Exercise bike not included. #AviationGin." Afterward, Ruiz shared it and wrote, "@mercedes.yvette @mandellylace so much fun with these girls. Let’s make light of this!! Cheers!!" Many have saluted Reynolds and Ruiz for changing up the moment for the better. 

Peloton has been getting tons of flack after the ad aired. 

I mean, we all know what the real use of these exercise bikes end up being. One person shared a photo of a stationary bike with clothes and bags draped over it as if it were a catchall dish. "1 month in...," they tweeted. 

If my partner gifted me with a Peloton, I'm not sure how I would react. But I would never feel pressured into filming videos to prove it was getting used. 

People are genuinely confused as to how no one caught the sexism in the initial ad. 

Obviously the intent wasn't to make the woman look manipulated, but that's what most audiences picked up on. One person wasn't surprised by the oversight, because of how sexism is a part of our society. "Sexism is so ingrained into our culture, I’m not surprised when it’s not recognized. It is sexist and I find it disgusting," they wrote. 

It felt so creepy and controlling. 

Everything about the video felt so manipulative. Especially the fact that in the end it seemed as if it were a gift from the husband to himself. "'Honey, I think you are out of shape, so I bought you an exercise bike. It costs a lot so I better see video proof you are using it.' It's like a Wonderful Life, but cruel," one person commented. 

In the Aviation Gin ad, Ruiz isn't wearing a wedding ring on her left finger, so it's assumed that the drinks she's getting with her friends happens after she escapes the bad relationship. 

Dan Patrick hosts a commentary show and took the opportunity to pore over the new gin ad. He and his cohosts noticed that the Peloton actor in the new commercial wasn't wearing a wedding ring. But she keeps her left hand hidden for almost all of the ad, which seems very purposeful. 

Aviation Gin saw an opportunity to use the actor in a way to bring humor and feminism to a dark spot on her career. 

Aviation Gin joked on its Twitter about capitalizing on popular culture and memes. After its Peloton spoof ad became popular, it decided to market a new meme. It tweeted a classic meme format, with an image of one of its gin bottles totally empty taped to a wall, which was a commentary on a recent Art Basel installation, a banana that was eaten by a visitor. 

"Aviation Sales Teams: Wow, that bike spot is being well received! Now we know what a 'meme' is. How are we going to keep the buzz?
Aviation Marketing Team: Ehh let's just enjoy the moment.
Aviation Sales: No, we need more of these 'memes.'
Aviation Marketing: Fine."