Disney has come very, very far since their early days of animation, and while we are loving all of the feminist stances their new heroes have, we're still waiting for a curvy woman to take center stage. 

Disney magic belongs to everyone, and if you don't believe that, we have 18 stone-cold foxes who will prove you wrong. 

How can we join this squad?

Your Heart will melt at the sight of this Elsa.

What a sweet pair of sisters.

Sailor Snow White completely slays.

This live-action inspired Cinderella is nothing short of stunning.

That is one lucky frog.

What a badass and brave Merida.

This Rapunzel is everything.

See, "even" when curvy, Belle is still the most beautiful in town.

Sleeping beauty is a total forest queen.

This Pocahontas is perfection.

This dress is absolutely stunning.

We'd happily get caught in this Ariel's net!

Big, beautiful, and badass.

What a cute princess!

Ladies, y'all are perfect princesses.


This Esmerelda totally charmed us.