People Are Throwing Rave Parties From Their Balconies In Italy
photo: Splash News

The coronavirus has taken over the planet, but human beings are still finding ways to keep calm and carry on. Today, Italy is one of the hardest-hit countries in the world, and its citizens are under a shelter-in-place lockdown in order to contain the spread of the virus. Naturally, they are making the most of the quarantine — by throwing dance parties from their balconies. In dark times, the human spirit persists.


~*i STiLL BeLieVe iN YouR eYEs~*

I have watched this video of a DJ throwing a rave on his balcony about 14 times now, and I am so stoked to share it with you all. This Italian DJ set up a full-on club night from his balcony, complete with CD-J controllers and multicolored party lighting. He's blasting "I'll Fly With You" by Gigi D'Agostino, which I have not listened to in at least 20 years.


This is the most Italian thing ever.

I can't quite figure out what he's saying, but he shouts something about espresso into a microphone, then launches into "Firestarter" by the Prodigy to keep the party going. Of course, inquiring minds want to know: Are his neighbors cool with this?


Are his neighbors loving it?

They might be!!! In another video, the DJ is seen playing "This Is The Rhythm of the Night" by Corona (seriously), and drops the sound for the crowd to sing along. You can hear them screaming along with the lyrics, and there are people dancing on balconies across the street. At least some of his neighbors seemed to enjoy the party.


Oh yes, there was a fog machine.

In another view, the DJ is seen making gratuitous use of his fog machine and lighting. I can't identify the song he's playing, but it certainly sounds like happy hardcore, which I also have not listened to for at least 20 years. From this video, which was shot by neighbors across the street, you can hear how loud the music is.


Let's all just appreciate this wholesome content.

The coronavirus situation in Italy is bleak, but it's clear that its citizens are trying to make the most of their time indoors. The news is terrifying right now, things feel out of control and confusing, and I am thinking about all of you out there — and I hope you can enjoy this Italian laser rave vicariously. Get lit from the comforts of your bedroom.