For decades, "Barbie" has been synonymous with tall, thin, and blonde. 

But in 2016, Mattel announced that a new range of Barbie body types — petite and curvy included — were *finally* coming to stores.

Barbie of all sizes
photo: Mattel

While this was a major step toward inclusivity, Barbie still has a long way to go.

Even at her shortest and curviest, Barbie still represents an ideal that's unachievable for most women. She has an hourglass shape, doesn't live with any type of disability, and has a perfectly clear complexion.

photo: Giphy

Unfortunately, that means there's still not Barbie for everyone — but thankfully Instagram has stepped in.

Here are 12 "Barbies" created by clever Instagrammers that *should* exist IRL, but sadly don't.


Vitiligo Barbie

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Inspired by model Winnie Harlow, a college student decided to create her own "vitiligo Barbie" that looks like real girls with perfectly-imperfect skin tones.


Pregnant Barbie

Pregnant Barbie
photo: Instagram/@tiff_thebarbie

There are pre-baby Barbies and post-baby Barbies (hello, where do you think Kelly came from?), but fans never get to see Barbie as a pregnant, full-bellied woman.


Night Routine Barbie

Is there a Barbie with stretch marks?
photo: Instagram/@tiff_thebarbie

Barbie doesn't just wake up flawless, does she? 

The doll surely has a not-so-pretty night routine, but fans never get to see that side of Barbie.


Indulgent Barbie

The Barbie diet
photo: Instagram/@tiff_thebarbie

Barbie is praised for her "ideal" (read: unrealistic) figure, but it'd be nice to see the doll treating herself once and awhile.


Messy Barbie

Realistic Barbie
photo: Instagram/@tiff_thebarbie

Barbie's "picture-perfect" image is simply not maintainable.


Body Positive Barbie

Barbie with realistic boobs
photo: Instagram/@trophywifebabrie

Bodies change with time — even Barbie's.


Awkward Stage Barbie

Awkward Stage Barbie
photo: Instagram/@trophywifebarbie

Instead of pretending Barbie skipped over her formative years, why not show Barbie during her "awkward" stage? (Braces and acne and all.)


Tattooed Barbie (with bonus cellulite!)

Barbie with cellulite and tattoos
photo: Instagram/@trophywifebarbie

Real skin has marks, flaws, and (sometimes) body art. Barbie's skin should have a few lumps and bumps, too.


Body Hair Barbie

Barbie with body hair
photo: Instagram/@trophywifebarbie

Because even Barbie wants to take a stand against ridiculous gender norms and body hair stigmas.


Breastfeeding Barbie

Breastfeeding Barbie
photo: Instagram/@trophywifebarbie

It's time to normalize breastfeeding — including breastfeeding Barbies.


Tummy Roll Barbie

Barbie with belly rolls
photo: Instagram/@trophywifebarbie

If every woman doesn't have a flat stomach, then neither should every Barbie. 


Make these happen, Mattel!

Diverse girl squad of Barbies
photo: Instagram/@trophywifebarbie

To be fair, progress has been made: Wheelchair Barbie came to life in the '90s, Barbies with varying body types debuted two years ago, and a Hijab Barbie is on its way.

So these "realistic" Barbies might not seem necessary, but representation matters. Every girl should be able to see themselves in the dolls they play with.