Disney princesses never have a hair out of place; one artist on Instagram decided to change that. 

These recreations of the always-perfect Disney princesses imagines them in hilariously imperfect and refreshingly relatable situations. Artists often use Disney as inspiration for their artwork or reimagine the iconic princesses, but this Instagram artist Andhika Muksin gave the princesses unfortunate, yet relatable looks. 

Pocahontas looks windblown, and not in a good way. 

That picturesque scene when Pocahontas dives from an absurdly tall cliff gets a realistic makeover in this illustration. Falling from what looks like a hundred foot cliff would give you some G-force level wind in the face, as opposed to the original when she looks elegant and beautiful. The free fall is a measure of Pocahontas' bravery, though, and proves that she's as adventurous as any explorer. 

Sleeping Beauty takes a realistic nap. 

This before and after image of Sleeping Beauty shows what a good nap really looks like. The best kind of sleep is the kind where your head hangs back, mouth agape and drool dribbling down your chin. "Sleeping: Reality VS Expectation," the artist captioned the relatable post. 

Cinderella FaceTimes Jacques and gets that perfect double chin angle. 

Anyone who's FaceTimed while lying in bed knows this angle well. Cinderella looks like she just woke up to a cheery call from her mouse friend Jacques and she's not in the mood to chat. The artist appropriately titled this post, "Face Time Princess." 

Ariel opened up the front-facing camera at the most inopportune moment, as one does. 

Another unfortunate front-facing camera moment is during Ariel's song "Part Of Your World." A normally beautiful shot of the princess swimming towards the surface gets a realistic recreation in this glorious double-chin shot. "Part of your front camera..." Muksin captioned the Instagram post. 

After a lifetime underwater, Ariel would look a little water-logged.  

No one could blame Ariel for looking a little weary after losing her mermaid abilities of breathing underwater and frantically treading water in the middle of the ocean with new human legs. This water-logged version of the mermaid princess is a more accurate interpretation of the scene rather than her original giddy smile. Muksin wrote in the caption, "Holding your breath from Ursula's lair got you like..."

Eating an apple for Instagram vs. reality:

Nobody looks cute eating an apple, not even Snow White. This before and after post hilariously imagines the runaway princess eating an apple for the 'gram and in reality. "Eating Apple. Reality VS Expectation," the caption read. 

Jasmine is all of us when our date rolls down the window in the car and the hair goes all cray.

I imagine Jasmine was excited for her first date with Aladdin until he decided to hit turbo speed on his magic carpet. The princess's long thick ponytail and perfect winged eyeliner would for sure have gone askew after this windblown moment. The Instagram artist reimagined the duo's "A Whole New World," moment more realistically.