While sharks may seem scary because of depictions in movies such as Jaws, 47 Meters Down, The Shallows, and many more throughout the ages, they are actually a vital part of the ecosystem and an endangered species due to poaching and shark hunting. 

Shark Week is the Discovery Channel's annual summer special dedicated to the underwater beasts and provides awareness of the misunderstood creatures. It's also an excuse to celebrate with all of the shark fanfare one can muster. From animals dressed as sharks to countless tweets to celebratory nail art, there are plenty of ways to get into the Shark Week spirit. 

These MC Hammer–inspired nails transform the meaning of Hammerhead Shark. 

On these nails is an adorable painted Hammerhead shark and the words, "Stop Hammertime" as an ode to "U Can't Touch This." 

"In honor of Shark Week here are some ADORABLE hammerhead sharks," the artist Lindsey Peterson captioned the post. Alternating on the other fingernails is a sparkly blue paint that looks like light reflecting off the ocean's surface. 

These adorable sharks prove that the creatures are nothing to be afraid of. 

These cute pastel shark mouths aren't painted on, but are actually nail wraps. A nail wrap is a type of artificial nail art made from an adhesive sticker. The artist, Nicoya Grobman, wrote, "Oh look, I’m wearing nail wraps for the second time! These adorable sharks are actually a part of a larger set from @goscratchit that I won from @ninanailedit sometime ago."

These open-mouthed sharks are a little meaner than the ones above. 

Four sharks are painted on the pointer and index fingers, while a tie-dye design is painted on the middle. The Shark Week–inspired look by manicurist Holly Hilliger is a classic example of shark-themed nail art. "These are the freaking cutest!" one person commented. 

No shark nail art list would be complete without a Jaws reference. 

These long coffin-shaped nails have the movie's cover image emblazoned across the middle fingernails. The ominous shark fin is pointing on the ring finger, while the bright white and blue are a cheery juxtaposition to the other nails. Someone commented, "I looooooove these." 

Glittery sharks are a great choice for a night out when you still want to show support. 

The artist, Heather Vette, wrote, "Can’t get enough of glitter Sharkies!" And, honestly, neither can I. The ombré glitter with one shark head peeking out over each middle fingernail is too cute. 

This realistic 3D shark scene is a true work of art. 

These long nails are emblazoned with a sunset scene and a 3D shark protruding from the ring fingernail. What makes these nails even more artistic is that the teeth in the shark painting are actually real fossilized shark teeth. 

The artist, Lisa Bennett, wrote, "Real fossilized Sharks teeth in my hand. My Sharkweek nails! Robert Wyland is an artist that has always inspired me. The view above and below the water makes me happy." Bennett even included a video explaining how she made the insane creation. 

Finally, for nails with a bit more bite, these sharks are an angry representation of the animal. 

These nails show off both the ominous shadows that sharks create while in the water, as well as the frightening ferocity they can exhibit. The gorgeous teal shimmer in the background is perfect to symbolize a blue ocean. The sharks were created through nail stamping, a form of nail art in which the artist paints onto a stamp that is then carefully placed onto the nail. 

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