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Kyrie 5 Spongebob Squarepants ($130, Nike

Nike x Spongebob Squarepants
photo: Nike

That iconic yellow immediately draws memories of Krabby Patty flipping and jellyfishing. The shoes were designed by Brooklyn Nets basketball player Kyrie Irving who has an affinity for '90s TV. SpongeBob SquarePants debuted in 1999 and has aired more than 200 episodes over the course of 20 seasons. 

Kyrie 5 Patrick Star ($130, Nike

Nike x Patrick Star
photo: Nike

Inspired by SpongeBob's trusty best friend Patrick Star, these pink and green kicks look just like the starfish. If you peek inside each pair's soles, the faces of the characters are featured at the heel. The designs include pink bubbles and the engraved Nike swoosh and brand name on the back. 

Kyrie 5 Squidward Tentacles ($130, Nike

Nike x Squidward Tentacles
photo: Nike

Grouchy neighbor Squidward Tentacles also got his own pair, though I can't imagine he'd play very much basketball in them. Squidward was the artistic type and was more likely to play his clarinet, albeit badly, than chase down jellyfish. The colors on these kicks match those of the snide squid with turquoise, periwinkle, and a splash of brown. 

Kyrie 2 Mr. Krabs ($110, Nike

Nike x Mr. Krabs
photo: Nike

It's only fitting that the model picked for Mr. Krabs' design would be $20 cheaper — he's a notorious cheapskate. These vibrant shoes match SpongeBob's boss perfectly, with bright red, blue, and green tones. "The color of money is also featured prominently in the low-cut silhouette, paying homage to the currency-crazy crustacean and his perennial power struggle with his archnemesis, Plankton," a statement on the site reads. 

Kyrie Low 2 Sandy Cheeks ($110, Nike

Nike x Sandy Cheeks
photo: Nike

The collection wouldn't be complete without an ode to the aquatic squirrel Sandy Cheeks. The well-meaning character lives in a submarine bubble underwater and uses an astronaut's suit to survive in the oceanic environment. She manages to make it her home, though, and these shoes highlight her suit and her famous flower. 

If you forget how to tie your shoes, just sing the trusty shoe-tying song. 

"You make a loop-dee-loop and pull," a voice sings in an early episode of the Nickelodeon cartoon. Of all of the songs in the episodes, this may have been the most helpful for the young kids watching. Or "Ripped Pants," a true jam with a deep and meaningful message. Don't rip your pants in public, kids.