"Stranger Things" Robin, Dustin, and Steve
photo: Netflix

Stranger Things sparked inspiration for one Disney fan in the form of fan art and collectible stickers. Simon Povey, an illustrator on Instagram and designer for SOADA Shop, imagined some of Hawkins' monster hunters as Disney royalty. 

Disney fan art can get pretty creative, and oftentimes fans will combine their favorite series with the iconic princes and princesses, like these Game of Thrones illustrations. But no two fandoms are quite as strong as the Stranger Things series and the Disney franchise. So it only makes sense that these re-creations would be superb. 

Rapunzel's trendy brunette bob matches Eleven's short cut perfectly. 

When Eugene Fitzherbert, aka Flynn Ryder, saves Rapunzel from Mother Gothel by shearing off her magical locks, the princess's original brunette hair returns as a cute little bob. In season three, Eleven's shaved head has grown out into an adorable shoulder-length style that looks just like Rapunzel's. 

The artist pictured the princess wearing Eleven's pink dress and blue bomber jacket from season one, and Pascal the chameleon holds an Eggo waffle, naturally. 

The redheaded spitfire Max makes a perfect Ariel. 

Ariel's enviable fiery locks match Max's perfectly, although Mad Max would have a few more tangles than the princess's perfectly flowing mane. All Ariel ever wanted was legs to run and explore on, so I'm sure she'd pick up skateboarding the second her feet hit dry land. The artist imagined Ariel with an expression similar to Max's when she sets her eyes on the Mind Flayer. 

Prince Eric as Steve Harrington has me thinking Joe Keery should be up for the part in the live-action remake. 

Prince Eric is already a sailor, so he'd fit right in at Scoops Ahoy — he probably already has the uniform. Steve "The Hair" Harrington (Joe Keery) has the same luscious locks that Ariel's beau has and he also has his scowl down perfectly. From season one to season three, Steve has one of the biggest character shifts, becoming one of the most lovable characters on the show. 

Prince Adam, aka the human Beast, doesn't get enough credit, so this Hopper interpretation was well deserved. 

Chief Jim Hopper is a beast in every sense of the word, and after his sacrifice at the end of season three I'm glad he was included in these re-creations. Surely Prince Adam has no problem growing out a mustache worthy of the Hawkins legend, and he looks fiiiine in Hopper's date-night Hawaiian shirt. The artist got the details down so accurately on the clothing for all of these characters. 

The star of the show, Eleven, deserves two illustrations. 

Here's Eleven as Rapunzel once again, but this time featured in garb more closely related to her season three look, after the shopping spree with Max. Plus, she's sporting a yellow scrunchy in a classic '80s hairstyle. Pascal has camouflaged into a dark blue color making him look like one of the baby Demogorgons that Dustin kept as a pet, Dart. 

The artist also illustrated Erica, but she didn't need the Disney treatment. She's a princess all on her own. 

Though the artist doesn't identify this Erica illustration with any of the classic Disney princesses, I'd say she looks a lot like Princess Tiana from The Princess and the Frog. The spitfire elementary schooler is another fan favorite from season three. After a few hilarious one-liners from season two it was clear that Lucas's sister needed to be more involved in the coming seasons, and now she's a lead. 

The artist also shared a video homage to the Stranger Things opening sequence featuring all of the artwork. 

The collection wouldn't be complete without an ode to the iconic theme music and font the show uses in its opening sequence. Povey's illustrations have been created into adorable stickers that are for sale at the SOADA Shop. Other Disney-inspired works of art have also been made into enamel pins and patches at the store.