Two of the best animation companies are, of course, Disney and Studio Ghibli. 

An artist on Instagram, Andhika Muksin, best known for his relatable Disney princess illustrations, just imagined the two animated worlds colliding. The result was some of the most adorable digital illustrations ever. It definitely will put you in the mood to watch some of these iconic films, and maybe think of them in a new light. 

So many Disney movies are all now streaming on Disney+, but Studio Ghibli movies are a little harder to come by.

Muksin is known for his relatable Disney princesses.

This artist may have popped up on your feed with some of these popular Disney princess drawings. Now, however, he's taken his creativity to a new animation style: Studio Ghibli. Muksin is sticking to his Disney roots, though, and combined the two studios.

Wendy and Tinkerbell from Peter Pan in the style of Kiki's Delivery Service. 

The two flying ladies of Peter Pan would surely join Kiki on her broomstick-bound delivery route. Even little Jiji is included in the mash-up, and is perched on Wendy's aka Kiki's bag. Muksin also included his step-by-step process in a sped-up video.

Muksin also made a mash-up of Studio Ghibli and the 2020 Academy Awards Best Picture Parasite.

As another attempt at the Studio Ghibli animation style, Muksin combined it with the South Korean Best Picture winner Parasite. The eerie film looks sweet and innocent in the Ghibli animation style, but still slightly jarring. Muksin recalled in his caption that Spirited Away, a Studio Ghibli film, won Best Animated Feature at the 2001 Oscars. 

Beauty and the Beast combined with Spirited Away works too perfectly. 

It looks like Belle is just as fed up with her rose as Chihiro was with her flowers in Spirited Away. While the plots of the two films couldn't be more different, somehow the animation styles work together. Muksin just changed up the costuming and props to transform the character into a Disney princess.

Other Disney films as Studio Ghibli creations look so adorable.

Ariel and Prince Eric make a really cute Ponyo and Sosuke, and the soot sprites from Spirited Away shined up Cinderella's shoes spotlessly. Muksin also transformed Princess Jasmine into a dragon-riding rock star, and Elsa and Anna into the world of My Neighbor Totoro. The post has been liked more than 60,000 times and is admired by fans of both Disney and Studio Ghibli. It's a creative way to imagine these two worlds colliding.