'90s babies, rejoice! Everyone's favorite nostalgic toy has gotten a makeover.

Tamagotchi re-released its famous pocket pet in 2017, but now a newer model will be available in stores on July 28. Tamagotchi On is the name of the update that features a slew of new activities and a color screen. 

Plenty of brands are releasing nostalgic products as millennials yearn for simpler times. The new Tamagotchi will take you back to your childhood, and let you forget about real responsibilities. 

Tamagotchi has gotten a fresh new update. 

In May of this year, Tamagotchi creator Bandai America announced its new toy. "Everyone’s Favorite Virtual Pet is Back and Better Than Ever! Bandai America Launches Tamagotchi On at Clamour Summit 2019!" the toy brand's Twitter account wrote. Pre-sales for the product began on May 13, but it hits retailers for good on July 28. 

"The new experiences and social connections raises the fun-factor and provides users with endless hours of entertainment," said Tara Badie, Bandai America Marketing Director in a statement.

"We wanted to keep aspects of the original Tamagotchi gameplay but make it more relevant for today's users by adding a colored-digital screen, new ways to connect and millions of different characters."

The toy connects to the Tamagotchi app, so you can play on the device or on your phone. 

On the Bandai site, a description for the connectivity reads, "For even more extended play, connect to the Tamagotchi On App to see other unique Tamagotchi characters, get married, meet up with friends, play a game for Gotchi points and other gifts to bring back to your device!" 

Now, it's possible to play with other friends either in the app or through the device. 

The pets can do a whole lot more than be fed and sleep. 

Play mini games, shop, go to restaurants, potty train, travel, and more with the update. "Eat at home or at the restaurant, shop in the different Lands, go to the washroom, bathe, make friends, travel to different Lands, play games, and even take care of a TamaPet," according to Bandai

Connect through the device similar to a Nintendo DS. 

"Connect to your friend’s Tamagotchi On device and go on playdates, give gifts, travel together and marry," reads the site's description. Now Tamagotchis are more social creatures and can meet up with IRL friends or through the app. The Tamagotchi Instagram page shared this post and suggested, "With the new #TamagotchiOn you can now connect with your friends! Have a playdate or even get your #Tamagotchi married!"

'90s fans were thrilled when the iconic toy was re-released in 2017. 

Different methods of Tomagotchi have been released throughout the years. There has been Nintendo games, updates, and a re-release of the originals. All have the same concept of learning how to take care of a pet, and this most recent update is no different. "Being a #Tamagotchi definitely is a full-time job! Ask @tamagotchi_mother! #TamaParent," the toy's Instagram account shared. 

The two different versions, Fairy and Magic, have unique characters and lands. 

This is just one of the millions of characters that can be created on the toy. New characters can be personalized to look like their "mom" and "dad" as well. The two versions of the update have entirely different styles of characters and lands. 

Urban Outfitters already sells older versions of the toy and is among the few retailers to stock Tamagotchi On. 

The toy will be available July 28 in Urban Outfitters, Target, Game Stop, Barnes & Noble, Amazon, EB Games, and Books-A-Million. It will be sold for $59.99 at most retailers and is already available for pre-sale. The nostalgic toy has been given a modernized update that will introduce kids today to the iconic brand, and allow adults to take a look back at one of their favorite childhood past times.