Vans has no shortage of pop culture collaborations for every kind of fandom, such as Harry Potter, Frida Kahlo collection for art buffs — even a musician-inspired launch with the David Bowie collection.

Now that Halloween is right around the corner, the sneaker brand has decided to drop a line of The Nightmare Before Christmas–inspired shoes that has our Tim Burton–loving hearts quaking. The launch has dropped just in time for the spooky holiday, and is available at the Vans website, but shop quickly, because all of the new items are limited-edition. 

Also, here's a slew of other Nightmare Before Christmas merchandise to peruse. 

The limited-edition collection is officially available! And the Sally shoes are absolutely to die for. 

The line is filled with merchandise from the classic model of sneakers and slides to apparel like T-shirts and backpacks based on the film. Platform sneakers based on the zombie rag doll are so cute and creepy, plus they have a matching sweater. Shop the entire collection on the Vans website.

DISNEY X VANS ERA STACKED, The Nightmare Before Christmas/Sally, $85

Vans Sally shoes
photo: Vans

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Dress up like Sally for Halloween wearing these platform sneakers based on the character. There are plenty of ways to dress up or down with these kicks. They also work anytime of year for true fans of the Tim Burton flick. 

DISNEY X VANS MENS SLIDE-ON, The Nightmare Before Christmas/Oogie Boogie, $45

Vans slides
photo: Vans

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The eerie villain of the animated movie deserves his own place in the collection, and these casual slides are it. Slides have been a hot trend all summer, but worn with socks it makes for a perfect fall look too. The foam base of the shoe is comfortable, and the faux-leather straps are soft with Oogie Boogie–inspired designs. 

DISNEY X VANS SLIP-ON, The Nightmare Before Christmas/Jack, $70

Vans Jack Skellington shoes
photo: Vans

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For a more formal look, try out these classy Jack Skellington–inspired slip-on sneakers. The bold spirit of the Pumpkin King definitely comes out with the cool cat embellishments. Plus, it matches his pinstripe suit to a T. 

Vans announced a Nightmare Before Christmas collection, and fans cannot contain their excitement. 

Zero, Jack Skellington's ghost pup, makes an appearance in the announcement video. Plus, a creepy bat flies across the screen with the film's logo and a purple checkerboard background. The line could be only sneakers, or Vans could bless our goth hearts with an entire collection of apparel and accessories based around Tim Burton's creepy-cool movie. 

Fans are downright thrilled about the upcoming collection. 

No matter how many collabs and collections that Vans drops, the sneaker company's followers are loyal. But a Nightmare Before Christmas launch is talking directly to the goth kings and queens who love the shoes. "Me on my way to buy new vans," one fan joked on Twitter. 

And the shoe company isn't holding back with all of the Nightmare Before Christmas references. 

"What … is … this …," one fan asked on Twitter. Vans was quick to follow up with a clip from the movie that read, "My hopes, my dreams, my fantasies!" The account replied, "You already know that answer to that …" 

Everyone, have your wallets ready, because this is hands down the best merchandise release of the season.