Nail artist Ami Vega makes colorful eye candy — that will also feed your spirit.

The 34-year-old Dominican American is a freelance nail artist based in New York City. Her nail art ranges from the usual — flowers, hearts, and spirals — to the revolutionary. Black power, women's rights, and Latina pride are frequent themes in her work.

"Nail art has always been a part of my personal style, since my teens," she told Revelist. "I have a background in the arts, so it came naturally."

Vega started spinning that personal style into a business in 2011, with a small nail art blog. She connected with brands like Essie and Revlon with the help of her brother, Gabe. The two also partnered on a traveling salon, which they would take to flea markets and fashion fairs across the tri-state area. Now, Vega is now represented by a talent agency, and her work has appeared in publications like V Magazine, Fader, and Marie Claire.

The first time she recalls doing a more "socially conscious" manicure was for her best friend, who wanted a set of domestic violence awareness nails. She told Revelist her work isn't about spreading her own message — it's about her clients'.

"This is not something I'm trying to claim as mine or nor do I think is a gimmick," she said. "It's a small part of what I do as a story teller: Telling the stories of my clients through nail art."

Check out some of Vega's most woke pieces below:

These Black Power nails are probably the most stylish way to celebrate Black history month.

Of course, you could always just cover your nails in portraits of bad-ass Black women.

Vega does manicures for Latina ladies, too.

Actually, she has designs fit for any woke woman.

Her Black Lives Matter art is pretty much a protest in a manicure.

And her "stop violence against women" nails make an equally strong statement.

Feminist nail art for the win!