"You're pretty... for a Black girl."

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I'm pretty — period. Grow up.


"Wow, your hair is really soft."

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Of course it is. Is my hair supposed to feel like wool?


"You don't talk Black."

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What is "talking Black?" White people don't own intelligence, and speaking intelligently doesn't mean I'm speaking white. Check yourself.


"Your hair is so beautiful. Is it a weave?"

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Either way, you can't touch it. Don't ask.


"You remind me so much of [insert a celebrity's name who looks nothing like you]. Has anybody ever told you that?"

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Yes, many people have told me I look like Queen Latifah and Jill Scott. Has anybody ever told you to stop asking that question?


"I don't normally date Black girls, but you're different."

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That is not a compliment. There's nothing attractive about separating Black women into "worthy" and "unworthy" categories. Try again.


"You're so beautiful! Are you mixed?"

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Let me stop you right there: I'm Black mixed with more Black. Mixing in whiteness (or anything else) doesn't make me more or less beautiful. Stop it.