When Donald Trump refused to condemn the white supremacists and neo-Nazis who terrorized Charlottesville, claiming there is violence on "many sides," he perpetrated the racism that continues to plague America.

Racism cannot be tolerated, and that includes the micro-aggressions that Trump's rhetoric perpetuates. One doctor is making that abundantly clear by speaking out about her experiences with racist patients.

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She took to Twitter to share her disturbing experiences with racism from her patients.

She explained that she deals with it so often, she's almost become numb to it.

Her answer to these patients who refuse care is extremely upsetting.

Why should she have to "understand" their racism?

She explains to them that their alternative is an intern.

And yet sometimes, these patients actually choose the less experienced, less qualified intern. That's absurd.

Her patients are literally willing to bet their lives on their "white superiority," she explained.

She struggles to understand how they don't see their shared humanity.

While she remains hopeful when some of these patients apologize, she shouldn't have to deal with this racism in the first place.

This hatred, she explained, is unnatural.

"I used to cycle through disbelief, shame, anger," she said. "Now I just show compassion and move on. I figure the best thing I can do...is make sure their hate finds no purchase here. / Fin."