L'Oréal's newest True Match Foundation commercial is a work of art.

The successful makeup brand enlisted a multitude of high-profile models to market it signature foundation, which is sold in 33 different shades. Blake Lively is clearly the commercial's best-known star, but L'Oréal also included a transgender model, two plus-size models, a male model, and an array of Black models.

As the beauty industry struggles to be more inclusive, L'Oréal just made inclusivity seem effortless.

The commercial aired during the Golden Globes on January 8. Nef, one of the first transgender models to anchor a major beauty campaign, delivered the brands iconic's tagline: "Because I'm worth it."

L'Oréal's commercial also featured Darnell Bernard, the latest in a growing list of men included in beauty campaigns.

In October, CoverGirl tapped 17-year-old James Charles as their first CoverBoy spokesmodel. 

The cosmetics ad also included an array of Black women in varying shades of brown.

photo: GIPHY
photo: GIPHY

A commercial doesn't negate the whiteness and straightness of the beauty industry, but it is a sign that some beauty brands recognize the importance of being inclusive.

In a press statement, Tim Coolican, L'Oréal Paris USA's deputy general manager, said being diverse is part of the brand's mission. 

"L'Oréal Paris is a brand fueled by a mission to empower everyone to own and embrace their individual beauty and intrinsic worth," he said. "By featuring a diverse blend of individuals and illustrating their individual skin stories, our new True Match campaign celebrates the power and beauty of feeling comfortable in your own skin."

It's about time.