Irmela Schramm spends 17 hours a week hunting down hateful messages from neo-Nazi and alt-right groups.

Sometimes she scrapes them off...

...and sometimes she spray-paints right over them...

...but always with messages of love.

Schramm, 70, has been doing this work for the better part of 30 years.

She's a school teacher when she's not hunting down hateful messages.

It all started when she saw a flyer supporting a convicted Nazi war criminal in her neighborhood. She used her keys and scratched it off in disgust.

"I just scrubbed the hate away until it was all gone," she told CNN. "It was a fantastic feeling afterwards."

Schramm has been to seven countries (including her home country, Germany) to eliminate the hateful messages she sees.

She knows exactly where to go to find them, and estimates that she's painted over more than 130,000 signs and stickers at this point.

She takes pictures of all of her work and logs it in a photo album.

"I'm really concerned by this hate propaganda. And I want to take a stand," she told CNN. "Not just [with] hollow words ... but to do something."

Schramm has faced death threats from hate groups, but that hasn't stopped her — although, the police have tried.

In October, a police officer threatened her with a €1,800 fine (about $1,875 USD) for defacing public property, and an overnight jail stay.

"I told him, 'go ahead,'" she said to CNN, "'I need the holiday!'"

Others have accused her of infringing upon free speech.

To them, Schramm says, "Freedom of speech has limits. It ends where hatred and contempt for humanity begins."

As noble as Schramm's work is, it sometimes seems never-ending, and can get the better of her.

But after beating breast cancer a few years ago, it's become "her only reason for living," according to the documentarians creating a film about Schramm.

The film is called "The Hate Destroyer."

She refuses to quit, and she almost always works alone...

...often humming while she works.

Learn more about Irmela Schramm:

The hour-long documentary, "The Hate Destroyer," is a film by Vincenzo Caruso and Fabrizio Lussu.

h/t CNN