Fact: Flying is stressful. We have our belongings handled by people we don't know, are groped by TSA agents, and spend a small fortune on mediocre airport food, all to strap ourselves into a giant flying hunk of metal that has even worse food you have to pay for.

That stress is only worse if you're a passenger that's plus-size. Twitter user @yrfatfriend revealed what it's like to fly when you're "a very fat person," and it's horrific at best.

First, there's the act of preparing for the flight.

She has to buy a second seat or fly first class.

First class it is.

She also has to consider seatbelt extenders.

She's worried about passengers complaining about her getting a seat extender.

"I am treated like luggage."

The tray table poses another issue.

She also doesn't want to attract attention.

She stays strong.

She isn't a stranger to other passengers complaining about her.

She was singled out by her seatmate, just for taking up space.

She was mortified.

She felt invisible, even to the airline staff.

Despite all this, she continues to fly.