So when UK production company Twofour contacted her looking for "volunteers" to "road-test" new diets on TV, L'Amour had something to say about it.

First off, the email was addressed to "Gloria," not Lottie — but that's not the worst of it.

"Hi Gloria," the email begins.

"I hope this message finds you well.

"I am writing from Twofour — one of the UK's leading independent production companies... 

"At the moment, we are currently producing the ITV consumer series Save Money: Good Health, which aims to help viewers stay healthy without breaking the bank...

"A big part of the show will involve members of the public road-testing diets, and we are currently looking for volunteers who would like to lose weight and are open to trailing out a new diet. I came across you[r] blog and thought I would get in touch to see if this is something that may be of interest to you? I also wanted to see if you wouldn't mind kindly sharing our flyer with your followers..."

L'Amour is not about diet culture. She is not about body-negative weight loss. If Twofour knew anything about her, it would know that.

L'Amour also soon found out this production company has been hitting up multiple plus-size bloggers to also "road-test" diets on whatever TV show it's pitching — with the same exact cut-and-paste email.

"OK THIS EMAIL WAS WRITTEN TO ME," Gloria Shuri Henry, aka beauty and fashion YouTuber Glowpinkstah, responded to L'Amour. "I GOT THE SAME ONE."

Yeah... NO. So L'Amour shut that ish right down.

"So first of all, my name is Lottie, not Gloria — excellent attention to detail," she begins in her response.

"Second of all, clearly you haven't read my blog — I don't want to go on a faddy show about diet culture. I believe that women can feel good in whatever skin they are in and that diet culture is a money making scheme that hinges on making people feel terrible about who they are... It's frankly disgusting that you've obviously gone looking for plus-size bloggers thinking you will find fat women that would want to lose weight — not all fatties want to lose weight; we are not easy prey for diet culture. If you had read my blog, you would know this."

L'Amour further addressed her followers with a heartwarming message on Instagram:

"If you follow me on Twitter, you've probably seen an email that was sent to me (and a few other plus-size babes) asking me to go on a show about weight loss," she . It was so obvious that this researcher had just gone looking for plus size bloggers, assuming that because we are fat, we automatically want to lose weight. 

"@terribletumbles tweeted earlier on in the week that 'it's okay to love your body when it's fat for no other reason than it's fat' and that is SO IMPORTANT. Not all fat women want to lose weight just as not all fat women want to stay the weight they are. Assuming that because we are fat we must want to lose weight is piss poor. We don't have to be a before photo all the time — our bodies deserve to be visible without assumption that we are working to get thinner. Some of us aren't, some of us are working to love the skin we are in because we are deserving of it. My body is beautiful, and so is yours — in whatever state of weight loss or not."

Twofour has since apologized to L'Amour, according to ELLE UK, but still...

... I think this picture of her sums things up about right: