When a plus-size woman is photographed with a thin or fit man, trolls can't wrap their minds around it. Why can't we just accept that all sizes are deserving of love, and that people's preferences can vary

We rounded up our favorite mixed-size couples to show that not only does love have no color, race, religion, ability, or gender — but it also has no size.

Just look at Melissa Gibson and her boo, Johnathan.

This super cute couple even has their own Instagram. #Baegoals.

How cute are these two?!

Then there's Gloria Shuri Henry and Ali.

Henry has talked about what it's like to be a "mixed-size couple" (a term she doesn't even like) and it's a must-watch.

*Insert every heart-eye emoji ever*

Alexander Thomas and Alan are seriously adorable together.


They've also been on Thomas's channel together, LearningToBeFearless.

Ariana Nash and her hubby have such a beautiful family.

OMG, their son's cheeks though.

Allison Kimmey and her husband are all the couple goals you need.

Who can forget Mzznaki Tetteh's story?

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The bride was body shamed before her wedding day because she was "bigger" than her groom. And, uh, why is that a problem?


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Lindy West and her partner are perfect in every way.

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The writer got real about what it's like to be in a mixed-size couple, too.

Cuteness level = 100000000.

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Who can forget Ashley Graham and Justin Ervin?

The sexiest couple of all.

Utter perfection.

How glorious are these photos of Allison Teng and her fiance? 

I'm using these engagement shoot photos as inspiration for my own one day.


Lori and her husband, Darryl, are utter #marriagegoals.

How adorable are they?!

Weight shouldn't matter when it comes to love.

Unfortunately, people still assume straight-size men are "settling" when they're with plus-size women, and that couldn't be further from the truth. These couples show that not only is love always going to find you at any size, but that you're always more than deserving of it.