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Here is something that might blow your mind: We are we all intuitive. Our intuition, or "gut feeling" as some may call it, tells us everything. So in that sense, we are all a little psychic, whether we acknowledge it or not. If I just paid more attention to my intuition, I probably wouldn’t obsess about things the way I do. If I could just allow myself to feel it, I would definitely have less anxiety and probably wouldn’t need to call a psychic. But that’s easier said than done. Deep inside, we have the answers to our own problems. Sometimes they are so hidden we don't know how to access them. Jane gets me get me out of my head, and gets me to trust those gut feelings.

The traditional therapist talks to me about how I am feeling; Jane talks to me about being more trusting. I have a really hard time trusting that the universe will lead me to where I’m suppose to be. Most recently, in reference to some anxiety I was having, she told me to imagine that I was in a car with two steering wheels, and I was trying to steer it. But instead of fighting and trying to go my direction, I should just try to sit back and let the driver (the universe) do his job. When I start stressing and try to control certain situations, I think of this, and that I’m going to end up where I’m supposed to be and to just sit back and enjoy the ride.

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“When you have anxiety, you stop trusting in our divine source,” she once told me. And that pretty much sums up what our conversations are like. This wasn’t some crazy spell that people probably assume I would get from a psychic. It was just advice and guidance to learn to trust in the powers of the universe.

I know this is not for everyone, but for me, having a psychic is the best way to help me manifest and envision the path I want to follow. It helps with my anxiety. Jane takes the time to help me through a session, and doesn't rush me. She has a ton of compassion and we have developed a wonderful relationship. If I’m starting to get overwhelmed with obsessive thoughts, I’ll reach out to her. She will always respond with wonderful words that calm me down.

At this point, I look at her more as a friend than anything. It’s not the most conventional kind of therapy, but for me it works, and that’s really what's important. Everyone should find what works for their mind — and their soul.