Prom dress
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When you're in a relationship, you should feel supported and loved by your significant other — and while that may not always happen, at the very least, your SO shouldn't be slut-shaming your outfit choices.

Sadly, that situation actually happens, crazy as it sounds. Case in point: Madison Witham, a high school sophomore, shared a photo of a text message exchange between her and her boyfriend on Twitter where they discussed her prom dress. His response about her dress was less than enthusiastic, to say the least, but she made sure that she was the one who had the last laugh.

He claimed her dress was too revealing.

"Too much skin," he wrote. "Get rid of it and I'll get you a new one b."

"It's not too much skin," she responded. "WTF."

"You look like a slut b," he replied. "No offence."

However, she did NOT stand for any of his slut-shaming bullshit.

"I'll stick with the dress and get myself a new man," she wrote.

Twitter was ALL for her dumping her lame dude.

Cue the eyeroll.

All Twitter wanted to know, however, was WHAT DID THAT DRESS LOOK LIKE?!

We bet it's a FIRE AF dress.

Have an amazing prom, BB!

And share pics of the dress!

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