After calling out the double standards men have about dating plus-size women, blogger Stephanie Yeboah wasn't done. The plus-size fashion blogger took to Twitter to ask both men and women to share their worst dating stories as a plus-size person, and needless to say, the responses ranged from hilarious to horrifying.

Yeboah posted an open call for stories on Twitter.

In her tweet, Yeboah asked people to share the hardest thing they had to face when dating while plus-size, the weirdest message they received, or just generally spill the deets on their worst dates.

Of course, Twitter got to work.

Women shared stories of people they were interested in who couldn't "look past" the fact that they weren't slim.

People shared fears of being treated as a joke.

"Growing up, guys would always make fun of myself, so while I might feel attractive, it was hard for me to believe others do too," one woman wrote. "I’m getting better."

People opened up about the fear of instant rejection.

One woman recounted being cheated on by her ex-fiancé.

He told her he cheated because he was "used to being with hot women and wanted a treat."

That man better be glad Twitter doesn't know his name.

Women revealed that they had to be kept "secret."

People also shared stories of disbelief.

Men chimed in, too.

Some men talked about living in a never-ending friend zone.

Men also talked about being told that when they lose weight, it's "for a woman."

Some opened up about the secrecy that went with their relationship.

Women also shared fears of fetishization.

photo: Twitter

However, some people said they had better luck dating when they were plus-size than a straight size.


Ghosting was also a major issue.

There are also shitty relationships where one person doesn't know how to approach their partner's weight.

All that secrecy just leads up to resentment.

Apparently plus-size people should be "grateful?"

Um, no. No, no, no, no, no.

Some women opened up about men not accepting that they can be attracted to a woman who wasn't thin.

Some women were told that their assets "don't count."

Seriously, the secrecy is real (and frustrating).

Some men were scared of hurting their partner.

While other people were told that their weight keeps them from being attractive.

Some women shared stories of sexual insecurity.

BTW, it's totally OK. We even talked to a sexologist about it.

Weight also pushed some people to break up.

There are also people who complained of unsolicited diet advice.

Then there were the people who couldn't take no for an answer.

It's totally within your right to reject people and expect them to treat you respectfully, not insult and berate you.

Some people even put in a disclaimer in their dating profiles.

"But dudes are still shocked!"

We, um, don't have the words to describe this.

But of course, Twitter's real sassy side came through.

Boy, bye.

Some were compared to animals.

Whatever, a harpoon whale can turn their enemies into shish kebabs.

Yeboah chimed in with some truth bombs, too.

"Fat romance has little space in popular culture beyond being a punchline," she wrote. "The idea of being a fat person who is happily dating in public creates really strong feelings in people."

"Dating while fat shouldn't be so weird."

Yeboah is right.

Dating is hard enough regardless of your size, and if you're plus-size, you shouldn't be fearful of rejection, fetishization, ghosting, or being told you should be "grateful."

You're always enough, regardless of what anyone — whether it's a person you're friends with, a stranger, or a person who you're dating — says.