VS no longer selling swimwear
photo: Victoria's Secret

Looks like Victoria's Secret's lack of inclusivity is catching up to the brand. 

The lingerie label just announced that it's no longer going to carry swimwear as part of its PINK line — an announcement eerily reminiscent of the brand's decision to stop carrying swimwear as part of its main line back in 2016.

It's bad news if you're a Victoria's Secret shopper — but it's not exactly shocking news.

WWD reported that the suits are being discontinued because people simply weren't buying them.

Victoria's Secret
photo: Splash

The reason no one is buying them, however, is presumably due to the fact that the line still excludes most female bodies.

The bathing suits only go up to a size large, which, according to Stylecaster, can only fit up to a size 36D cup. However, according to Curvy Kate, the average cup size of women who get professionally fitted is a 34G. See the issue here?

There's also the lack of representation.

We've talked about this time and time and time again: Victoria's Secret continues to insist it's diverse because it casts models from different backgrounds. However, while the roster of Victoria's Secret models is fairly racially and ethnically diverse, its inclusivity begins and ends there.

There are zero plus-size models, no curve models, no models with visible stretch marks, cellulite, scarring, or blemishes, and no differently-abled models at all. The models that Victoria's Secret does hire are representative of only one body type and size.

Hey, Victoria's Secret: This isn't aspirational. It's tone-deaf.

Victoria's Secret Pink
photo: Splash

With so many size-inclusive swim brands out there, it's no wonder that Victoria's Secret is taking the L on this one. What we just don't get, however, is that instead of losing valuable money, why not just start, oh, I don't know, catering to more people? Just a thought.

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