Muslim Americans are unfortunately burdened with an alarming amount of stereotypes, especially when it comes to traditional garb. Assumptions are particularly strong surrounding hijabs, a piece of clothing that covers a practicing Muslim woman's natural hair as a sign of modesty and religious faith. 

The common thought is that women who wear these hijabs, particularly those who "still" wear them in Western countries, are horrifically oppressed and are forced to wear them by dominating males in their lives. 

One such gross assumption was made in a group text where 17-year-old Lamyaa received a hateful and ignorant text from a stranger.

To prove this person wrong (and everyone who has ever made this atrocious assumption about **every** single Muslim woman), she decided to "put it to the test" by telling her father she was taking off her hijab. 

His response? Absolutely beautiful.


For the record, she has no intention of actually removing her hijab.

Twitter users were quick to point out that there are some women being forced to wear hijabs, so she took a moment to clarify.

When considering other people's cultures, it is imperative to remember that extremists exist on all sides. 

Placing a blanket label across an entire people is detrimental. And while Lamyaa shouldn't have to defend her religious choices, we should be grateful she took the time to poignantly educate us on this multifaceted issue.