How many perfectly pleasant dinners have been ruined by members of your family that lived through the Calvin Coolidge administration? Do they scoff at your résumé of unpaid internships, while in the same breath complaining that the kids these days are just TOO DAMN GLUED THEIR DAMN IPADS!!?!?

The good news is, the next time a parent, grandparent, or disgruntled uncle tells you that Millennials are lazy, you can kindly inform them that Millennials probably work harder than they do.

Though it's not necessarily a surprise to the generation that has balanced unpaid internships, school work, and side jobs, a new study from ManpowerGroup found that Millennials "are working as hard, if not harder, than other generations."

The report, which surveyed 19,000 Millennials in 25 countries confirmed that Millennials aren't enjoying the 40 hour work week that some older generations did. In the US, Brazil, and Norway, the average #youth works 45 hours a week — in India, the typical Millennial works 52 hours a week.

A significant number of American Millennials — 21% to be exact — say they've taken up at least one other job to make ends meet. But please, do go on about how my affinity for Neko Atsume is a moral failing. (It's not, but it is ruining my life.)

"I've been part of conversations with senior leadership at old jobs where they spoke about down about Millennials — how lazy they are, how entitled and arrogant, etc. — without ever thinking twice about how I was one of them," Krystal Olivieri, a 27-year-old global partnerships manager at a programmatic media company, told Revelist. "It always seemed shortsighted and ignorant of them — similar to any other prejudice out there — and fueled me to prove them wrong while building a resentment towards them that I couldn't deny.

Now I'm at a company where the median age of the senior leadership is 31 years old (the most successful company in its space might I add) and its success is in empowering its employees, regardless of age, to do their job, do it well, and create their own balance."

So next time you think it's cool to trash Millennials, please remind yourselves that we're not the generation that caused the Subprime Mortgage Crisis, or the one that elected George W. Bush as president — twice.

We're just a bunch of hard-working semi-adults figuring shit out.

Oh yeah, one last thing: get off my lawn.