It's been a decade since Pluto was demoted from its lofty planetary status, a loss many of us (*raises hand*) are still grieving today.

But thankfully, NASA is taking a small (but significant) step to give Pluto some well-deserved credit: the Space org is giving the former planet its very own stamp in a stunning new collection that features the planets in our solar system.

"The Pluto stamps are of special significance to the New Horizons team, which placed a 20-cent 1991 'Pluto: Not Yet Explored' stamp on board the spacecraft," NASA wrote on its Tumblr. "On July 14, 2015, New Horizons carried the stamp on its history-making journey to Pluto and beyond, as jubilant members of the mission team celebrated with a large print, striking the words 'not yet.'"

Here's lil Pluto's, looking all bright and happy on its stamp:

photo: NASA via Tumblr

The rest of the solar system squad is not looking too shabby, either:

photo: NASA via Tumblr

Doesn't Jupiter look like a rainbow bagel?

MMMMMM, tasty Jupiter.

While there's no word on exactly when these stamps will hit stores, we'll be sure to keep our eyes peeled. And buy all the Pluto ones, of course.