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The stigma, however, still prevents some patients from ever trying antidepressants.

Ali Cassidy told Revelist she resisted taking antidepressants because she didn't want to think she "needed" medication to help her. However, the decision to do so changed her life.

"My antidepressants didn't 'cure' my depression or make it go away, but they made it possible for me to handle things that used to derail me, and I am forever grateful for that."

Now, she wants others to know they shouldn't be afraid of medication either:

The stigma of taking antidepressants can be so harmful, and turn so many people away from seeking the treatment they deserve, but there is no shame in accepting help along the way. Taking medication has helped me learn to extend kindness and patience to myself in my mental-health journey.

Like any medication, of course, antidepressants come with risks.

They can cause physical symptoms, like headaches, upset stomach, and even reduced blood clotting. They can also affect sex drive, and can have serious ramifications if discontinued improperly. They should never be taken (or stopped) without the prescription and support of a licensed psychiatrist.

But for many women, the benefits of antidepressants are well worth the risk. And for that, no one should feel ashamed.