It's true: Sephora VIB points now have an expiration period.

sephora points
photo: Sephora

It's a very generous period of a year and a half, but it's STILL an expiration period.

Naturally, beauty Twitter has some damn feelings about it.

Mainly: "How could you DO this to us?!"

This is just silly.

Now we have no choice but to start taking those samples we aren't really stoked about.

Not cool, Sephora.

photo: Giphy

I'm still going to shop at you, but still.

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UPDATE: Sephora reached out with a statement regarding the change in VIB's terms and conditions.

The statement reads as follows:

"To best serve our current and future Sephora Beauty Insider clients, we’ve recently updated our Terms and Conditions regarding inactive accounts.  We regret any confusion caused, this change only affects Beauty Insider accounts that are completely inactive for 18 months [as of December 30th 2017], at which time points will be marked expired. Any Beauty Insider can keep their account active in a few easy ways, such as redeeming a Beauty Insider reward of any value, claiming your free Birthday Gift annually, or making a purchase with your Beauty Insider account profile. At Sephora, our goal is to provide the most compelling prestige beauty reward program, ensuring all program perks continue to surprise and delight.  For more information, and to ensure your account information is accurate and up to date, please visit or call 1-877-SEPHORA."

TLDR: If you don't rack up any points in 18 months, your account will expire. But your points are fine.