In 2019, we still live in a world where not nearly enough people use sunscreen. That's why it's so cool that more people in the beauty community are talking incorporating sunscreen and other UV-protectant products into their routines. From products with SPF to the best sunscreens for deep skin tones, more people in the beauty community are seeking out ways to protect their skin.

That's why Twitter went UP when an influencer from the Twintorials YouTube channel shared a way to reapply sunscreen to your face without messing up your makeup. 

The Twintorials influencer turned to the beauty sponge to help her re-up her sunscreen while keeping her face beat.

"Wanna reapply sunscreen but you’re wearing makeup? Well, you can," she wrote. Twintorials began with a fully beat face complete with foundation, blush, pink and blue eye shadow, and highlighter. She took a gel sunscreen and applied it to the back of her hand. Then, she grabbed a Beautyblender ($20, Sephora) to dab it onto her face. 

She also clarified which sunscreen she used on her makeup. 

So many people wanted to know exactly what sunscreen she used to apply on top of her makeup. Twintorials shared that she used the La Roche-Posay Anthelios Cooling Water Lotion Face and Body Sunscreen ($36, Target). The sunscreen has SPF 60. This particular sunscreen also requires reapplication every two hours, per its product description, so it made sense that she'd want to re-up it even after she's applied her makeup.

Despite how cool and convenient this sunscreen makeup tutorial looks, the viral video had estheticians on Twitter screaming on the inside because, well, it's actually not effective.

"This is truly such a minimal amount of sunscreen," Lily, a New York–based esthetician, shared. "This is SPF 60. She’s barely getting like SPF 30 with this application. And then, the beauty blender is absorbing some, so it’s even LESS. SPF setting sprays and setting powders would be more effective." 

Tiara Willis, who's the founder of Makeup for WOC on Twitter and a newly licensed esthetician, also shared similar sentiments.

Willis also explained *why* sprays and powders are better options than using sunscreen on a Beautyblender.

"I've been tagged in this a few times so here are my thoughts," she wrote. "Kudos to her for wanting to reapply her sunscreen. But it's more efficacious to use powder sunscreen or sunscreen setting sprays. With those products, you can get a thicker and more even application." 

"And her makeup is pretty too," Willis added.

Twintorials did clarify some things after her video went viral.

"I thought this may be a good alternative for either on the go [or] for those who can’t afford to spend money on another sunscreen! But I’m no expert by any means," she clarified. 

"Yea I understand! If you’re going to do this, just use some more sunscreen," Lily wrote back. "You also have to account for the beauty blender absorbing some of it!"

Twintorials also clarified a few more misconceptions about her sunscreen application to the droves of naysayers in her mentions.

"No, we did not know there was spray and powder sunscreen for after makeup. Ty for commenting it 50 times but we know now ksksks," read one tweet. Welp, I guess it's safe to say Twintorials was a little over being chastised by skin-care Twitter. Nevertheless, at least something new was learned about protecting your skin from the sun *and* keeping your makeup intact.

Twintorials also did confirm that her video doesn't 100% reflect how protected her skin is from the sun.

"Last tweet, this is the third layer of sunscreen. The amount applied on video isn’t a ton of SPF coverage! And follow Twintorials thank u goodnight," she wrote. "I just didn’t realize the video would go viral so I neglected to mention that," she added.

Overall, at least this viral video got more people talking about exactly how to add sunscreen to a face with makeup *and* what the most beloved products are.

Yay for Twitter! So many people began recommending the best sunscreen products to apply after makeup! Some of the favorites are actually really affordable. Among the most frequently mentioned are Sun Care Sun Protection Mist SPF 50 ($11, Ulta), Super Goop! Antioxidant-Infused Sunscreen Mist With Vitamin C Broad Spectrum SPF Mini ($13, Sephora), and Tarte Tarteguard Mineral Powder Sunscreen Broad Spectrum SPF 30 ($28, Sephora).

See? There's no excuse not to make sure you take care of your skin this summer *before* and *after* applying your makeup.