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Ariana Grande looks so glamorously put together that it's easy to forget just how much work goes into looking that flawless. The "Thank U, Next" singer also doesn't discuss her skin-care routine very often and speaks more about her hair maintenance and struggles. 

Still, Grande superfans are always keeping tabs on their fave. They got her to spill the details on her go-to skin-care products on Twitter after (lovingly) calling her out for sleeping in her makeup. Surprisingly, every product she named can be found in drugstore aisles. 

Oh, how we stan a relatable queen!

Grande revealed her skin-care routine on Twitter after one of the Arianators called her out for sleeping in her makeup.

"I forget to remind y’all about your skin care ONE night and not only do YOU ALL fail me but ARIANA GRANDE HERSELF LEAVES HER EYE MAKEUP ON," the fan wrote. "I’m staying on y’all necks for the rest of eternity don’t ever complain again!!!!!!!!!!!!" 

Sis has serious feelings about this slumbering in makeup business. For the record, it is terrible to sleep in your makeup. We all slip up every now and then, but for your face's sake do not make it a habit.

For the record, Grande actually does care about not sleeping in her makeup.

"I try not to fall asleep with my makeup on ever, but I fail all the time, I think everybody does," she told InStyle in 2014.

News flash that isn't really news: Ariana Grande is a human. She falls asleep with her makeup on occasionally, because sometimes life can tire anyone out just that much. However, she has been adamant about washing her face thoroughly for years. 

She responded and pleaded with the fan to give her a break. 

"Still exfoliated and did a La Mer mask LEAVE ME ALONE SIS," Grande responded. 

In other words, Grande wants the world to know her face is good because luxury La Mer says so. For the record, this is just how Grande and her fans communicate — with love and mutually respected wig-snatching.

Fans still weren't satisfied. They also want Ms. Grande to answer for using coconut oil on her face.

 "Please drag Ariana for using coconut oil to take off her face makeup," another fan shared in the thread.

Ariana Grande shared that coconut oil was her favorite skin-care hack back in 2016. Her fans clearly still aren't over the disrespect, and it's warranted. Despite the trendy obsession, coconut oil is actually terrible for the face. 

"You know what I actually use on my face as well as my body? I feel like people would think it would make you break out, but it doesn’t make you break out: coconut oil," she told Byrdie in 2016. 

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"Like, cooking oil. I put it everywhere—in my hair, on my body. It’s the answer.” 

No, ma'am, it's not. Thankfully, Grande seems to have stopped assaulting her face with coconut oil. Instead, she's traded the oil for makeup remover wipes

People have given A LOT of bad advice about the beauty benefits of coconut oil, so I get why Grande fell into the trap. 

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This is why the best people to take advice from about best skin-care practices are dermatologists and estheticians who have studied and are licensed to deal with skin. According to Nayamka, aka La Beautyologist, "Coconut oil does not belong above your neck or below your hairline." 

"Coconut oil rose to popularity because of its antimicrobial and antibacterial benefits and its ability to penetrate the hair shaft. People think 'antibacterial' and think it's great for acne, but coconut oil has an extremely high likelihood of clogging your pores," the licensed esthetician explains on her YouTube channel

"There are some skin types that can use coconut oil without breaking out. However, the large majority of people do break out with coconut oil. And just because it doesn't break you out doesn't necessarily mean it's beneficial to your skin. I guarantee if you're using coconut oil on your face that there is a better facial oil for you."

Luckily for worried Ariana Grande fans, Grande now uses Neutrogena Makeup Remover Cleansing Towelettes ($8, Ulta).

She also specifically confirmed that she only uses coconut oil if her lash glue "is being annoying." 

That is way better than drowning her entire face in coconut oil, so kudos to her. Using makeup wipes is a much safer practice, especially when you score the right kind for your skin type.

Grande also tweeted about using wipes by Burt's Bees. 

The Burt's Bees Facial Cleansing Towelettes ($6, Ulta) come in a variety of different scents for different skin types. The brand even includes one that is specifically for sensitive skin! Whether you want your face to smell like cucumbers, grapefruits, watermelons, or nothing at all — Burt's Bees has you (and one of the biggest pop stars in the world) completely covered. 

Since the pop star is using her wipes, masking, and exfoliating, it seems she's taking much better care of her face now. 

And isn't that all of us, really? When you know better, you do better! Skin care isn't a one-size-fits-all kind of thing, so it takes a minute to really lock down what works for your skin. That includes breaking old habits. 

Ariana Grande has everything under control, and she's using drugstore beauty picks to get the job done!

So everybody just keep calm. The world tour isn't canceled. The album is still great. Ariana Grande isn't falling off anytime soon. Also, Burt's Bees and Neutrogena are the brands to pick if you want to remove your makeup like a pop star. 

We're all good here!