Bella and dani Thorne

Dani (L) and Bella (R). I know; they look SO MUCH alike!

photo: Getty Images

Bella Thorne is the queen of dainty tattoos, and she's gotten another that may be her cutest one yet. 

Her barely-there ink was done by LA-based artist Daniel Winter, according to Teen Vogue — and this time she brought along her big sister Dani for matching tattoos to celebrate their sisterhood.

"Matching tats with da twin," she captioned a photo of her leg just before getting her new foot design.

"Only shaving for a tat," she wrote in another shot.

Oh, we feel you, Bella girl. 

She finally showed the end result in a foot-hugging photo with Dani. "If lost, find twin," it reads.

How cute is this?

Although Bella and Dani Thorne are four years apart, it's kind of easy to see why they call themselves twins. They look SO MUCH ALIKE!

Appropriate tattoo, right?